Ryan Houston
At 15, Ryan was one of the youngest broadcasting talents in Brighton's lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgendered radio station, Gay Radio UK. He presented the Album Chart Show on the station for over a year and led the development and introducing of new music to the station.

His weekly show on air allowed him to engage listeners in communities up and down the country. Having a passion for all things creative, Ryan’s career began by off chance with Gay Radio UK as a student. Having seen an advertisement on Facebook, he dropped the station controller an email and a few weeks later the show had begun.

After working with the station for a year Ryan left to focus on his exams but returned to the world of media near the end of 2010 when he began working for a national LGBT magazine, So So Gay.

As he followed the lives of gay role models across the country with his regular contributions to magazines, the world of journalism seemed to take over his life. Having made a lasting impression on the readers of So So Gay, long established media organisations began to notice Ryan which seen him make a move to the largest free gay magazine in the UK; Bent Magazine.

Although for many brushing shoulders with the likes of Pussycat Dolls star Kimberly Wyatt and Romanian super-star INNA would be enough, it wasn’t for Ryan. Being a local boy at heart he just had to give some of his attention to more local media forms and began writing for Out! North East Magazine, Queer Guide and was given the role of editing the production of Life-Line Media Group's, Out-Spoken Magazine in January of 2012.

He can also currently be found working with his local radio station Spark FM - where he works as both a presenter and broadcasting journalist, telling Sunderland the news that matters to them.

It doesn’t stop there....Ryan also assists many charities including the UK-wide Stonewall charity as a campaigner and also works with the LGBT community in Sunderland in his role as a committee member of Sunderland Pride and Head of Marketing for the organisation.

Blog Entries by Ryan Houston

Was Equal Marriage What We Were Really Aiming For?

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Earlier this month, members of Parliament voted on the controversial issue that is equal marriage.

With high tensions, the votes were counted showing 400 votes in favour to 176 against the introduction of the bill.

For many people, including myself, this was a monumental day, it showed the start of...

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Perhaps There's a Reason the BNP Aren't in Number Ten?

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Nick Griffin, BNP leader, has made claims to be in "support" of gay people, this comes after making a series of outspoken comments to a student newspaper about same-sex parenting.

Mr Griffin described civil partnerships as something that "undermines the institution of marriage", he also made an astonishing claim that...

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Football - It's Not All Racism!

(10) Comments | Posted 24 October 2012 | (19:05)

Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting up with Kieran Brady, an ex-footballer of Sunderland AFC. We met to chat about the way in which we could link the message of a Gay Pride event in Sunderland into football, and the inequality that has clearly been present for a number...

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