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Sadie Brown is a British writer, columnist and occasional actor. Her unique, current voice teamed with a cutting honesty and signature wry humour, has gained her prime writing spots within fashion, lifestyle and female centric platforms, along with brand collaborations.

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A Beginner's Guide to the Law Of Attraction

(0) Comments | Posted 29 December 2015 | (13:26)


Not that I want to piss all over that awesome poorly designed, hideous font choice of a 'powerful' image you just posted, but it seems to me second-hand 'inspirational quotes' are popping up every, single, time you go social media.

Don't get me...

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The Black Wonder: Roll Neck Sweater

(0) Comments | Posted 6 December 2015 | (12:59)

Roll neck, polo neck, turtle neck sweater - call it what you will, this classic sleek staple isn't going anywhere. Understated but bold, a black roll neck (my choice of name) is a winter style go to for any body shape.

I find the V neck hard work; it...

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Boobs Laid Bare

(3) Comments | Posted 9 November 2015 | (12:32)


This Halloween, my boobs were a hot topic. Not too surprising as they were thrust into the spotlight by my cheap gold latex catsuit and wonderful Triumph bra gifted to me for a campaign I did; probably not the image they need...

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Everyday Donalds

(0) Comments | Posted 24 September 2015 | (11:02)

When I read about Donald Trump's recent comments regarding German supermodel, Heidi Klum, it resurfaced some frankly comical yet wildly offensive male behaviours I have had the honour of witnessing, so I figured, why not share them? They did.

It's been my experience to know a few pigs; haven't we...

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What Women Want From a Man in Their Twenties - Versus Their Thirties

(0) Comments | Posted 14 March 2015 | (14:57)

Personally, I wouldn't want my twenties back for anything. Sure you don't have crows feet and your bottom sits naturally high without 60 squats each day, but your choices in men and lifestyle, probably won't get a look in as you embrace your thirties. When you hit the big 3-0...

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The Benefits of Going Alcohol Free

(2) Comments | Posted 1 February 2015 | (19:47)


Image by Sadie Brown

Sat in a cool Mexican bar on a Saturday night, my friend's face was picture of pure horror when I told him I wasn't drinking, and I hadn't touched a drop in nearly two months. Me saying no to...

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Gym Thoughts

(0) Comments | Posted 15 January 2015 | (13:08)

It's January. And like most of us, I feel like the before of a before and after makeover, with no prize on the horizon, just a narrower thigh to butt ratio. I indulged this festive season. I indulged in carbs, sugars, movie watching and red wine without an inch of...

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#Awkward Social Media Moments

(0) Comments | Posted 4 December 2014 | (14:22)

I absolutely adore social media. I am an avid Tweeter and Instagramer with touches of Facebook and Pinterest on the side. What's better than connecting with your loved ones wherever they are in the world, posting a selfie when you feel good, and keeping up to date with world news,...

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Things That Turn Writers Off

(0) Comments | Posted 31 October 2014 | (15:32)

2014-10-31-Writerspiece.jpg Image by Sadie Brown

No one's perfect - least of all me, but I do know the difference between 'your' and 'you're' so back the fuck off. Imperfections are endearing but lazy use of the English language is not, especially for a writer....

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The Plus Points to Living in SE17, Yes

(0) Comments | Posted 22 September 2014 | (18:56)

Two years ago, when I told my friends I was moving from Highgate (posh, think Kate Moss and fine furs), to Elephant and Castle (not posh, think Vicky Pollard and faux leather), they struck a look between birthing a surprise bout of piles mixed with a chronic attack of IBS....

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You Know You've Been Single for Too Long When...

(0) Comments | Posted 5 August 2014 | (15:32)

Signs, red flags, signals, call them what you will, but for a woman there are some undeniably worrying behaviours that tell the world and more importantly yourself that you need to get off, on someone, asap. Enough is enough. Your vagina's just something you use to pee - occasionally you...

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Things We Can Learn From Lars Von Trier

(0) Comments | Posted 16 July 2014 | (17:39)

My feelings for Lars Von Trier's work run deep for many reasons. Firstly, I love fucked up movies, oh yes, the more disturbing the better; my favourite movies are probably Antichrist and The Sound of Music (a nun, turned nanny, turned singer on a mountain? fucked up genius). Having suffered...

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Things You Never Think in Your Thirties

(0) Comments | Posted 5 July 2014 | (17:15)

Maybe I'm having a premature mid-life crisis and my friends aren't telling me, or maybe I'm just older and wiser, but as I walk around London town makeup free in flats and a sundress, the freedom of being in my thirties and totally non bothered about, well anything really, makes...

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My Depression: The Best Thing

(0) Comments | Posted 12 May 2014 | (16:01)

I had a dark period of depression for just over two years, not that I knew it at the time. It had become the norm to feel dead behind the eyes, empty, numb and generally dire at all times. My weekends would involve a breakfast of crying followed by a...

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Viva la Padding!

(0) Comments | Posted 1 May 2014 | (15:17)

I recently read an article online that asked if wearing a padded bra was lying. My initial reaction was, 'Are you kidding me?' Who has the right to say if a woman's choice of bra is creating a lie? And who are we lying to? Oh, of course - men....

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My Feelings for My Underwear - Who Knew?

(0) Comments | Posted 11 April 2014 | (14:29)

Pre Christmas I decided to have a turnout in a bid to hit the New Year a fresh, and I mean business. It's all going: five unimpressive foundations that I kept 'just in case', a mini pink Filofax from 2008 - why? And a swimsuit I last wore in 2009...

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The DD Debate: How Do You Feel About Your Cup Size?

(0) Comments | Posted 27 March 2014 | (11:25)

The holy grail of the bra has to be, cup size. Too much? Never enough? How do we honestly feel about the size of our wonderfully varied chests? Do you aspire to a Marilyn-esque eruption of curves? Or does your heaving chest see you day dreaming of being bra free...

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'Under the Chin'

(0) Comments | Posted 24 March 2014 | (11:12)

Friday night I went to the cinema to see the beautiful Scarlett Johansson play an alien seductress in 'Under the skin'. I was mesmerised not only by her stunning performance, but also by her physical form. There are many inches of flesh to love on Scarlett but for me, it...

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The Importance of Sisterhood

(0) Comments | Posted 18 March 2014 | (15:37)

As I am sat at Triumph HQ in London waiting to meet with an old friend and marketing guru, I am mesmerized not only by the beautiful sets of underwear adorning every corner like a wallpaper of diversity and femininity, but also by the warm and open feel from the...

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The Unexpected Empowerment of an Underwear Shoot

(0) Comments | Posted 17 March 2014 | (19:37)

When I got the call on a Thursday asking if I wanted to take part in a filming for Triumph's 'Women in Making' project as one of their 'real makers' the following Monday, I of course said yes. Since my last turn playing celebrity interviewer, I've been dying for a...

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