Salman Farsi
Salman Farsi is the current Media & Communications Officer for the East London Mosque and London Muslim Centre based in London.

Salman has a background in New Media and has previously worked as a Creative Director, for a company which he founded in 2008 – that specialises in graphic design and web development. His clientèle has ranged from businesses to charities and government.

Blog Entries by Salman Farsi

History 'Banned' From Repeating Itself

Posted 3 September 2011 | 01:00:00 (EST)

This year marks the 75th anniversary of the 'Battle of Cable Street'. Oswald Mosley had planned to lead his Blackshirt fascists through Cable Street to stir up hatred towards the-then Jewish community of the East End. Mosley's plan was thwarted by hundreds of thousands of counter demonstrators, who blocked his...

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UK Riots: A Broken Generation

Posted 16 August 2011 | 17:10:49 (EST)

The riots in the UK started with the death of Mark Duggan from Tottenham, a once-troubled borough in north London, and abruptly ended with multiple fatalities of three young Asian men in Birmingham, who were trying to protect their local community. While many are still coming to terms with the...

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