The Death Of The Arts - A Poem

06/09/2016 14:30 | Updated 05 September 2017

It's an unusual thing,
One you'll rarely see,
An article written in poetry.

The reason being,
And I must make this clear,
Is the death of poetry, which I greatly fear.

But not just the poetry,
It's the music and stories
It's all arts that are suffering at the hands of the Tories.

From the first little steps
Into my education,
I was taught all the basics, but also vocations.

I was taught how to write
And taught how to spell
But also to paint, draw, dance and sing as well.

As I grew this continued,
Dichotomous harmonics,
I would sing then learn sums,
I would dance then learn phonics.

It was this dual learning,
This enriching style of school,
That led me to pursue my dreams,
To join a drama class after school.

From then on in my heart was set,
I felt that theatre was in my bones,
It must have done me a little good,
After all, I am in Game of Thrones.

But the point that I'm making
Is that in schools today,
These enriching, 'non-core' lessons
Are being taken away.

And even for those
Who still find the passion,
They will struggle to get it
If money is rationed.

Any drama school training,
Which is valuable to a career,
Will cost more than university
With less subsidies each year.
The only real solution I see,
To get the talented souring,
Is to vote for a pro-arts Prime Minister
Such as Caroline Lucas or Jeremy Corbyn.

So please, please, please,
If you're artsy at all
Or if your inner musician
Couldn't flourish at school,
If you know of a child
Or a fully grown fellow
Who's inspired by paintbrushes
Or in love with the cello,
If you have any passions
Or can be empathetic
Please raise up your voice
Stop this anti-arts epidemic,
As the Tories try to shift
The arts to only the elite,
Tell them no, lower tuition prices
Give the working class a seat.

Thank You.