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Katie Hopkins Blasted By UN Human Rights Boss For Likening Migrants To 'Cockroaches'

(33) Comments | Posted 24 April 2015 | (14:23)

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights has added his voice to the building wave of disgust aimed at Katie Hopkins.

Jordanian Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein said the reality television star had used language in her Sun column similar to that used by newspapers and radio stations...

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Karen Buckley Murder: Cause Of Death Revealed

(0) Comments | Posted 24 April 2015 | (11:11)

The death certificate for Irish student Karen Buckley has been officially issued.

Released by a registrar in Glasgow on Wednesday, it lists the 24-year-old’s cause of death as head and neck injuries.

It has been signed by her mother Marion, 62, and father John, 61,

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Grumpy Neighbour Informs Parents If Your Child Doesn't Stop Laughing I Will Call The Police

(108) Comments | Posted 24 April 2015 | (10:58)

There’s nothing worse than a noisy neighbour.

That AC/DC fan who won’t stop blasting Highway to Hell at all hours. The couple who keep you up all night with their noisy, smug love-making.

The innocent, joyous child who likes nothing better than...

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Katie Hopkins Is Back And She's Giving Two Fingers To Trussell Trust Food Banks

(126) Comments | Posted 24 April 2015 | (08:24)

Katie Hopkins has burst back into the public consciousness by taking a swipe at people who rely on food banks.

Following a self-imposed twitter silence after her previous column saw 283,000 people sign an online petition urging The Sun to sack...

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Austin Hatfield Bitten By Deadly Viper He Was Trying To 'Kiss'

(10) Comments | Posted 23 April 2015 | (16:54)

A teenager is lucky to be alive after being bitten on the face by a deadly snake he was attempting to “kiss”.

Austin Hatfield had captured the 4ft-long water moccasin while swimming last week in Wimauma, Florida, ClickOrlando reports.

Having adopted the reptile as...

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Kate Middleton's Royal Baby Could Be Born This Weekend As Bookies Slash Odds

(21) Comments | Posted 23 April 2015 | (16:29)

Bet makers are slashing odds on the Duchess of Cambridge delivering her second child this weekend.

The Duchess, formerly Kate Middleton, herself confirmed the due date for her second child is between the middle and end of April.

And as the 33-year-old...

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Fulham Pavement Collapse Swallows Woman On North End Road

(34) Comments | Posted 23 April 2015 | (11:06)

A woman is in hospital after the pavement beneath her feet opened up on a London street.

Police and ambulance services were called to the site in Fulham’s North End Road at 8.40am.

Early reports suggested the woman had fallen along with a child in a pram.

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Fulham Pavement Collapse Swallows Woman On North End Road

(47) Comments | Posted 23 April 2015 | (11:06)

A woman has been taken to hospital after she plummeted into a hole which opened beneath her feet in a busy west London street.

Passers-by heard a loud scream as the women plunged into the 3ft wide crevice outside the Marrakech Express cafe in Fulham.

Police and ambulance...

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'Tumour' Was Embryonic Twin Complete With Teeth, Hair And Bone In Yamini Karanam's Brain

(0) Comments | Posted 23 April 2015 | (10:26)

A PhD student who underwent brain surgery for the removal of a suspected tumour was shocked to find the growth was actually her embryonic twin.

Yamini Karanam, 26, sought medical help when she was unable to comprehend more than one person speaking at once.

Initial examinations pointed to...

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Katie Hopkins: Has She Finally Been Silenced?

(86) Comments | Posted 23 April 2015 | (09:16)

Following a week-long backlash of furious vitriol, Katie Hopkins appears - perhaps for the time first time ever - to be lost for words.

The professional provocateur who made a career out of insulting, mocking and riling the general populace has been loudly conspicuous -...

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Turtle Photobombs Swimmers At Apo Island In The Philippines

(1) Comments | Posted 22 April 2015 | (15:51)

Raising his scaly head above the waves, this majestic sea turtle ignored the giggling line of swimmers to his left to cast a haughty side glance at the camera.

The sinister photobomb occurred during a snap by Diovani de Jesus as he and some friends enjoyed a...

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Ricky Gervais Steps Up Row Branding Trophy Game Hunters 'Murdering Scum'

(60) Comments | Posted 22 April 2015 | (14:10)

Ricky Gervais is pulling no punches in his ongoing criticism of the sport of game hunting.

The comedian began an online debate last week when he posted an image of a grinning female hunter lying next to a dying giraffe.

Gervais asked: “What must’ve...

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Tinder Reunites Siblings Who Hadn't Seen Each Other For 16 Years

(0) Comments | Posted 22 April 2015 | (11:36)

A brother and sister who had been separated by family strife for 16 years have been reunited – via Tinder.

Thankfully this is not that kind of story – rather it’s a tale which saw Erik de Vries and Josephine Egberts brought back together thanks to a...

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Dog Causes Traffic Delays By Driving Tractor Onto Scottish Motorway

(6) Comments | Posted 22 April 2015 | (10:36)

Traffic delays occurred on a busy Scottish motorway on Wednesday morning after a tractor careened out of control as a dog took to the wheel.

The bizarre incident occurred at junction 13 of the M74 near Abington in South Lanarkshire and was reported by Traffic Scotland, which...

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Sex With Animals Is No Longer Legal In Denmark

(12) Comments | Posted 22 April 2015 | (10:06)

Legislation banning bestiality has been passed in Denmark, strengthening a law animal rights activists feared was bringing animal sex tourists to the country.

The move brings the country into line with Norway, Sweden, Britain and Germany, which have also banned the act.

It amends a previous...

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Saudi Arabia's First 'Halal' Sex Shop 'To Challenge Stereotype Of Women In Islam'

(28) Comments | Posted 21 April 2015 | (16:02)

An entrepreneur says he hopes to open the first “halal” sex shop in the holy city of Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

In comments reported by Arabic news channel Alyaoum24, Abdelaziz Aouragh explained the store will not stock sex toys or pornographic DVDs but those which “increase...

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Chloe Knapton, 21, Left Unable To Smile Or Eat After Horrific Glassing (GRAPHIC IMAGES)

(0) Comments | Posted 21 April 2015 | (13:46)

WARNING: Graphic content, viewer discretion is advised

A 21-year-old woman has been left with facial injuries after an apparently random attack as she sat in her car.

Aspiring cruise ship dancer Chloe Knapton, of Holmfirth, West Yorkshire, had to have emergency surgery after a man smashed her car window...

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Loch Ness Monster: Find Nessie Yourself With Google Street View

(5) Comments | Posted 21 April 2015 | (11:12)

Since 1933 the murky waters of Loch Ness are said to have been haunted by an elusive serpentine monster.

Nessie, as she is affectionately known, has remained a coy beast, lending herself an air of mystery and with time, legend.

But her cover could be about...

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Katie Hopkins Just Raised More Than £13,000 For Those 'Cockroach Migrants'

(63) Comments | Posted 20 April 2015 | (17:46)


A fundraiser calling to raise cash for...

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Katie Hopkins Petition Reaches Milestone Of 200,000 Signatures After Migrant Boat Column In The Sun

(71) Comments | Posted 20 April 2015 | (16:38)

A petition calling for The Sun columnist Katie Hopkins to be sacked has reached the milestone of 200,000 signatures.

The Change.org petition refers to Hopkins’ column entitled ‘Rescue boats? I’d use gunships to stop migrants’ and calls on editor David Dinsmore to remove...

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