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UK Weather Forecasts Parts Of Britain To Be Hotter Than Spain

(0) Comments | Posted 6 May 2016 | (13:14)

Parts of Britain will bathe in temperatures surpassing the Mediterranean this weekend, signaling summer has well and truly begun.

However…. gathering storm clouds threaten a washout for some on Saturday.

The mercury is expected to climb up to 26C (78F) on Sunday, around 10C (50F) higher than the monthly average,...

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Earthquake Expert Warns San Andreas Fault Is ‘Locked, Loaded And Ready To Roll’

(0) Comments | Posted 6 May 2016 | (11:38)

Part of Southern California which lies on the San Andreas fault is set for a large and long overdue earthquake, an expert has warned.

Thomas Jordan, director of the Southern California Earthquake Centre, delivered his grave prediction at the National Earthquake Conference held in Hilton Long...

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Triple Amputee ‘Humiliated By Police Who Forced Him To Remove Limbs’

(0) Comments | Posted 6 May 2016 | (08:20)

Distressing footage of a triple amputee with his prosthetic limbs and belongings strewn around him after a reported police check has caused outrage in France.

The clip, which was posted to Facebook by Jean-Didier Bakekolo, shows the man leaning against a concrete pillar in Paris’s Gare de Lyon.

Bakekolo follows the police as they leave the disabled man – named by France 24 as Francois Bayga – calling out and telling them “this is humiliation.”

The video has been viewed close to 200,000 times and been shared by close to 3,000 users in just four days, many of whom have left comments remarking on what they interpret as police brutality.

Bayga told France 24 the officers had searched him for identity documents and accused him of stealing, before forcing him to remove his prosthetic limbs and leaving him on the ground with his belongings cast around him.

He said: “They demanded my papers and I took off my back pack and showed them. I gave them my telephone, my medical card and my membership card at my wheelchair rugby club.

“They accused me of stealing my phone. I started to get angry. I didn’t know what they wanted. I was pushed up against the wall and one of the policemen pulled at my leg. I explained it was artificial. They insisted on searching me. I felt completely humiliated.”

Bayga says he was helped to re attach his limbs by passing commuters in the station.

There are also reports he removed his dentures. However, Europe 1 says a police source has informed the radio station Baya was urinating on the platform and that is why he was approached by officers.

The Local also cites a police source as claiming Bayga himself removed his prosthetic limbs himself after being stopped by police for urinating in the station.

The Defenseur des droits has confirmed on Twitter that an investigation has been launched into the incident.

Additionally a Change.org petition has been set up, calling on the suspension of the officers involved.

It has been signed by 1,374 supporters so far and once it reaches 1,500 it will reportedly be brought to the attention of France’s Interior Minister.

It states: “There was a lot of police violence in recent weeks and we thought we had seen everything. But here we hit bottom.

"The bottom of the shame and ignominy. There are no words to describe such contempt, such an affront to the dignity of the human...

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Teenage Girl Burned In ‘Honour Killing’ For Helping Her Friend Elope

(0) Comments | Posted 5 May 2016 | (13:04)

A teenage girl was burned to death on the orders of a local tribal council in Pakistan, in a so-called honour killing as punishment for helping one of her friends elope, police say.

The charred body of 16-year-old Ambreen Riasat was found in a burned-out van in the tourist...

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Running Man Police Dance Battle Reaches Scotland

(0) Comments | Posted 5 May 2016 | (12:22)

Police officers around the world are rising to the challenge to show off their best dance moves.

The latest officers to take part in the craze are these Scottish constables, who fittingly chose Edinburgh Castle as the backdrop upon which to strut their stuff.

Naturally there was a tartan-clad bagpiper on the scene and the officers threw in snippets of the Highland Fling to jazz up their efforts. 

It came in response to a challenge which originated from police in New Zealand as part of a recruitment drive.

The New Zealand force released a video of officers doing the "running man" dance and threw down the gauntlet to other forces around the world, including the NYPD, to do the same.

Police Scotland posted the video, which includes officers dancing in front of a police car at Edinburgh Castle, on Twitter and Facebook stating: "We accepted #RunningManChallenge from @NYPDnews and pass it to @metpoliceuk @TorontoPolice and our own @PolScotCollege."

The clip had been viewed more than 599,000 times by Thursday morning.


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Chimpanzee Attack Victim Hospitalised As Her Body 'Rejects Face Transplant'

(0) Comments | Posted 5 May 2016 | (10:51)

A woman who received a face transplant five years ago after being attacked by a chimpanzee, is back in hospital after doctors discovered her body is rejecting the tissue.

Charla Nash lost her nose, lips, eyelids and hands when she was mauled in 2009 by her employer's 200-pound pet chimpanzee...

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Etihad Turbulence: 32 Suffer Broken Bones & Other Injuries

(0) Comments | Posted 5 May 2016 | (10:07)

Thirty-one passengers and one crew member aboard an Etihad Airways flight were injured when their plane ran into sudden turbulence.

The injuries occurred on Wednesday as flight EY474 prepared...

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Vauxhall Fire: South West Trains Advises Alternative Routes after Clapham Junction Chaos

(0) Comments | Posted 5 May 2016 | (08:17)

Early morning track fire attended by 21 firefighters and 4 engines 

Flames extinguished at 8.30am leaving 4 out of 8 lines closed

• Nearby Clapham Junction Station...

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Woman Who Answered Lonely Hearts Ad 'Tortured To Death By Couple In House Of Horrors’

(0) Comments | Posted 4 May 2016 | (16:04)

A couple are in custody in Germany for allegedly holding a woman captive for nearly two months and beating her until she died.

The woman, who had apparently answered an online personal ad, had been held in the couple's house outside the western town of Hoexter for nearly two months.

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Jedward Obsessed Woman Jailed For Having Sex With Boys Aged 14

(0) Comments | Posted 4 May 2016 | (14:38)

A woman who boasted about her lust for popstar twins Jedward and had sex with two 14-year-old boys, has been jailed for two years. 

Kirstin MacRuary, 39, had sex with the boys at her house after grooming them via social media. 

MacRuary has an obsession with Irish music act Jedward...

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Neo-Nazis Receive Fist Of Defiance From Anti-Racism Protester Tess Asplund

(0) Comments | Posted 4 May 2016 | (12:04)

This image of an activist who stood in the path of neo-Nazis marching through Sweden, with her fist raised defiantly in the air has become a powerful symbol in the ongoing fight against racism.

Tess Asplund was pictured in Borlänge, a traditionally left-wing stronghold 130 miles north of Stockholm, where...

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Madeleine McCann News: Parents Deliver Message Of Hope On Ninth Anniversary

(0) Comments | Posted 4 May 2016 | (11:32)

As the parents of missing Madeleine McCann marked nine years since their little girl vanished, they have insisted: “there will always be hope” in the hunt for their daughter.

Kate and Gerry McCann marked the painful anniversary on Tuesday, amid doubt over the future of the British...

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The Poor And Hungry Should Not Be Punished For Stealing Food, Italian Court Rules

(0) Comments | Posted 4 May 2016 | (11:15)

Italy's top criminal court has ruled that a hungry homeless man who took a package of hot dogs from a supermarket committed no crime.

Roman Ostriakov had been about to leave the store after paying for breadsticks but not for the hot dogs and some cheese worth €4.07 he had...

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Afeni Shakur, Mother Of Tupac, Dies Aged 69

(0) Comments | Posted 3 May 2016 | (14:50)

Afeni Shakur, mother of the late rap star Tupac Shakur, has died. She was 69-years-old.

The Marin County, California, Sheriff's Department confirmed her death on Twitter. No further details were provided, the Associated Press reports.

Born Alice Faye Williams, Shakur changed her name as an adult...

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Saudi Arabia Brides To Receive Marriage Certificates For First Time

(0) Comments | Posted 3 May 2016 | (12:45)

Brides in Saudi Arabia will be given copies of their marriage contracts for the first time in history.

The privilege has been one reserved only for grooms in the past and the move represents a small step towards improving women’s rights in the Gulf kingdom.

Emirates 24/7...

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Alton Towers’ Galactica Leaves Passengers Dangling In The Air After Rain Stops Ride

(0) Comments | Posted 3 May 2016 | (11:44)

Dozens of passengers on the Alton Towers ride Galactica were left dangling 20m in the air after heavy rain caused it to stop.

There were 28 people trapped in the rollercoaster on Bank Holiday Monday when it suddenly came to a halt.

Though a spokesman for the Staffordshire theme...

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Madeleine McCann News: 9th Anniversary Of Abduction

(0) Comments | Posted 3 May 2016 | (10:53)

Tuesday marks exactly nine years since the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

The anniversary comes as the British probe into the missing toddler looks set to draw to a...

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Sex Toy Mistaken For ‘Fallen Angel’ By Indonesian Villagers

(0) Comments | Posted 3 May 2016 | (09:28)

Rescued from the ocean by fishermen, this naked girl, with fair skin and a beatific expression, prompted villagers from a remote Indonesian province to believe they had been blessed by an angel.

“Excitement!” exclaimed one early headline cited by The Times, adding: “Angel in Sulawesi found fallen from...

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Prince Harry's Invictus Games 2016 Video With The Queen And The Obamas Might Break The Internet

(0) Comments | Posted 29 April 2016 | (16:16)

Prince Harry and the Obamas have been engaging in some high level trash talking ahead of the Invictus Games in Florida this year – and even the Queen is...

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UK Weather Forecasters Warn Snow Will Blight Bank Holiday Weekend

(0) Comments | Posted 29 April 2016 | (15:48)

If you’re planning on making a dash for it on Friday afternoon be warned you’ll be contending with some pretty wintry conditions.

Hail, sleet and snow are expected to...

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