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Ancient Mycenaean Palace Unearthed In Greece Near Sparta

(0) Comments | Posted 28 August 2015 | (15:10)

An ancient palace believed to date back to the Mycenaean civilization has been unearthed in southern Greece.

The 10-room Aghios Vassileios complex is thought to have been built between the 17th and 16th centuries BC and was discovered near the ancient village of Xirokambi, close to where the warrior...

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Notting Hill Carnival 2015: Getting The Most Out Of The August Bank Holiday Weekend

(0) Comments | Posted 28 August 2015 | (10:26)

It’s the August Bank Holiday weekend, which can only mean one thing- it’s time for the Notting Hill Carnival!

Held every August since 1966, the two-day party has become the largest festival of its kind in Europe.

Now in it’s 49th year, more than a million...

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Donald Trump Hair News: 'I Swear It's Not A Toupee'

(8) Comments | Posted 28 August 2015 | (09:48)

Presidential hopeful Donald Trump has finally addressed those pressing concerns… about his hair.

Speaking to 1,800 people in South Carolina on Thursday, Republican Trump insisted his unique coiffure is genuine and not a toupee.

“It’s my hair… I swear,” he declared.

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Oscar Pistorius Release Postponed Until Athlete's Case Is Reviewed By Parole Board

(3) Comments | Posted 19 August 2015 | (15:20)

South Africa's Department of Justice says it is putting Oscar Pistorius' release from prison on hold until his case is reviewed again by a parole board.

Department spokesman Mthunzi Mhaga says Pistorius' release will have to be reviewed again because he was approved to be moved to house...

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Istanbul Shooting: Gunfire At Turkey's Dolmabahce Palace

(0) Comments | Posted 19 August 2015 | (12:57)

A Turkish news agency says assailants have fired shots at the police who guard Istanbul's Dolmabache Palace, an Ottoman-era palace that is a major tourist attraction.

The Dogan news agency says no one was hurt in the attack and the two assailants were quickly caught. It did not cite its...

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Jessica Hayes Becomes Consecrated Virgin As She Marries Jesus Christ

(85) Comments | Posted 19 August 2015 | (11:58)

A 38-year-old theology teacher has been officially wed to Jesus Christ in a process known as becoming a consecrated virgin.

Devout Catholic Jessica Hayes wore a white veil and wedding dress for the ceremony at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Fort...

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Princess Diana Photoshopped Into Charlotte Christening Picture With Kate Middleton

(6) Comments | Posted 19 August 2015 | (10:50)

The late Princess Diana has been Photoshopped into an image of her granddaughter Charlotte’s christening.

The doctored shot features the Duchess of Cambridge holding her daughter during the ceremony last month.

Bending over the baby’s face with her hands clasped...

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ISIS Behead Palmyra Archaeologist Khaled al-Assad And Hang His Body From Ancient Ruins

(47) Comments | Posted 19 August 2015 | (10:20)

Islamic State (IS) militants have executed the archaeologist who looked after the ancient ruins of Palmyra and hung his body from them.

Khaled al-Assad’s death was announced by Syrian state media and an activist group on Wednesday.

The 81-year-old was beheaded by the militant group,...

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Man, 24, Falls To His Death Trying To Help Suicidal Teenager

(19) Comments | Posted 18 August 2015 | (16:30)

A 24-year-old man has died after trying to pull a distraught teenager away from a window ledge.

The incident occurred on Sunday at the University of Hawaii in Honolulu.

Both men fell from the 14th floor and were critically injured, police said in a statement. They were taken...

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Accents Ranked By Attractiveness In YouGov Poll

(77) Comments | Posted 18 August 2015 | (14:58)

New research has rated the top 12 main accents in the British Isles by attractiveness – and the results may surprise you.

YouGov asked 2,018 adults to rate English dialects from a scale of very attractive, fairly attractive, fairly unattractive, very unattractive, neither or 'don't know.'

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Tesco Drinks Promotion Rant By Bargain-Seeking Yorkshire Man Goes Viral

(0) Comments | Posted 18 August 2015 | (11:07)

The dreary world of customer complaints has been livened up by this energetic online exchange.

Tesco customer Jonny Spencer was left "heartbroken" and presumably parched after attempting to purchase both a bottle of Volvic strawberry-flavoured water and a Mars milkshake drink.

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Banksy 'To Launch Sinister Dismaland In Weston-Super-Mare'

(3) Comments | Posted 18 August 2015 | (09:54)

Secretive street artist Banksy is rumoured to be preparing a pop-up exhibition under the cover of a fake film set in Weston-super-Mare.

'Dismaland' – believed to be a dark take on Disneyland – will allegedly be opening in the seaside resort later this week.

Based at...

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Bangkok Bombing: Up To 19 People Killed In Huge Rush Hour Explosion

(35) Comments | Posted 17 August 2015 | (13:38)

Huge explosion caused by motorcycle bomb during rush hour
Up to 19 people dead and 80 injured
Majority of injured are reportedly foreign tourists
Defence Minister says bomb was placed inside Erawan Shrine
Reports of up to three...

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Alex Dyke Breastfeeding Row: Petition Demands Radio Solent DJ Is Reinstated

(1) Comments | Posted 17 August 2015 | (11:17)

A petition to reinstate a BBC presenter who was taken off air for his controversial remarks on breastfeeding has gone live.

Radio Solent DJ Alex Dyke was suspended after a series of comments he made during a live show, in which he described breastfeeding as “unnatural” and...

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Headless Body Washes Up On Blackpool Beach

(34) Comments | Posted 17 August 2015 | (10:24)

Police are investigating after a headless body washed up on Blackpool beach.

Officers were called at 8.50am on Sunday morning after the remains were found on Queen’s Promenade near Bispham.

Fisherman Michael Cartwright, 60, who found the decomposing remains, told the Blackpool Gazette: “It was like...

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Spider With Brood Of Babies On Australian Electricity Meter Is Simply Horrific

(27) Comments | Posted 17 August 2015 | (09:28)

A forest. A haunted house. A nightmare. Hell.

These are the usual places where you would expect to find a beast like this.

You’d hope not to run into one when checking your electricity meter...

spider on electricity meter


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Giant Sinkhole Opens In Manchester On Mancunian Way

(20) Comments | Posted 14 August 2015 | (12:54)

A giant sinkhole estimated to be up to 40ft deep and 30ft wide has opened on a busy main road in Manchester.

The chasm opened on Mancunian Way on Friday afternoon and officials from Transport for Manchester are at the scene making the area safe so they...

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Penis Stuck In Curtain Hooks Is Freed By Fire Fighters

(6) Comments | Posted 14 August 2015 | (11:58)

A 50-year-old man is reportedly recovering in hospital after having four curtain rings removed from his penis.

The man was taken to the Carlos Holmes Trujillo Hospital in Columbia, where doctors were forced to call in fire crews with specialist cutting equipment.

According to Colombia Reports,...

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Ghost 'Bishop' Photographed In Norwich Cathedral

(2) Comments | Posted 14 August 2015 | (09:40)

A visit to an historic cathedral took a spooky turn after a photograph revealed this spectral figure.

Kerry Launders took several pictures of Norwich Cathedral with her mobile phone during a recent visit with her partner and...

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Alexis Brown: First Picture Of Girl, 5, Who Died After Getting Head Stuck In Disability Lift

(5) Comments | Posted 14 August 2015 | (08:57)

A five-year-old girl who died after her head became trapped in a disability lift in her family home has been named and pictured.

Dorset Police were called at 11.58am on Thursday after Alexis Brown became stuck at an address in Emmadale Close in Weymouth.

Emergency services attended the...

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