Weekend Shopping: Nu Neon for Spring/Summer 2012

13/01/2012 22:07 | Updated 14 March 2012

I'm delighted this trend is so prevalent this season (is it Spring yet? It must be, it's been Winter forever), as, ever since I got my first fluoro-based outfit - a black boilersuit (as rompers were called back in the mid 1980s) from Mothercare with a day glo pink belt, pocket lining and matching towelling ankle socks - I have had a huge thing for neon. My mid 1990s Red or Dead black denim and jersey pieces with neon pink piping continue to serve me well but the most recent addition to my neon wardrobe family, a bright pink Cambridge Satchel Company 'The Fluoro' bag with my nickname embossed on the front (pictured below), is possibly my favourite piece yet.


These bags were a massive hit when they first popped up around early 2011 and this eye popping colour trend still shows no signs of slowing, helped by high end designers (Christopher Kane in particular, I salute you) and youth brands like American Apparel (whose highlighter T and hoodies are pictured above and who also have an amazing array of neon in their awesome New York Warehouse Sale at 766 Avenue of the Americas which ends 31st January), alike.

It may not be the easiest on the eye, but you can take this colour trend as far as you want - keep it subtly knowing with the odd flash of a neon accessory or some fluoro detailing against a neutral backdrop, work it in a fresh new way by pairing neons with pastels or go all out bold with some dazzling day glo statement dressing. Check out some of my favourites in store now or coming very soon, below...