Shohana Khan
London based freelance writer, largely on issues related to women, Muslims living in the West; and everything else in between, who believes that nothing should be left unturned due to the fear of questioning. Assumptions are not truths, and the world will not remain static.

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If Muslim Women's Clothing Makes Them Consenting Slaves, who are Their Slave Masters?

(13) Comments | Posted 4 April 2016 | (11:59)

French Women's Rights Minister Laurence Rossignol likened the dresscode of Muslim women to slavery, this week. She was closely followed by founding partner of Yves Saint Laurent, Pierre Berge, who claimed that the fashion world should not get their hands dirty, by colluding in this enslavement....

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Preventwatch Seminar Highlights The Stigmatisation of Muslim Children

(0) Comments | Posted 29 February 2016 | (22:27)

This weekend a very important seminar on the Prevent programme was held, by voluntary community organisation PreventWatch. A diverse amount of people came together to listen to an array of speakers from Gareth Peirce, the solicitor who represented the detainees of Guantanamo Bay, Imran Khan, the solicitor for...

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Madrassahs Don't Preach Hate, They Seek to Nurture Muslim Children into Well-Rounded People

(0) Comments | Posted 14 October 2015 | (10:35)

After the Prime Minister announced regulation of supplementary schooling in his Party Conference speech, he laid out claims that specifically Islamic supplementary education, madrassahs, are preaching hate, preaching conspiracy theories about Jews and beating children.

Such claims so sweeping, so accusatory about a core institution of a single community...

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Can I Please Tell You About a Child Who Is Muslim?

(0) Comments | Posted 18 May 2015 | (20:57)

Please can I tell you about a child? He didn't answer back to his teacher, because his parents taught him the importance of respecting those who you learn from. This respect comes from the tradition of Islam - The child is Muslim.

Can I just tell you about a child?...

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Are 'British Values', Exclusively British?

(2) Comments | Posted 25 March 2015 | (23:17)

This weekend, I listened to the panel of Question Time being quizzed on what they believed to be the definition of 'Britishness'. Similar views were echoed, of tolerance, fair play, as though there already was consensus on a textbook definition. Then we had the Home Secretary Theresa May, come in...

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Terrorising of Muslims: The Ignored Epidemic

(26) Comments | Posted 15 February 2015 | (23:35)

As I watched Suzanne Barakat speak on national television, hours after the murder of her brother, Deah Barakat, sister-in-law Yusor Abu Salha and her sister Razan Abu Salha; I could not only sense her anguish but the desire she had to get across who they were. Undeniably these three people...

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The Faith School - A Problem for Society?

(0) Comments | Posted 12 November 2014 | (22:26)

We are seeing a discussion develop since the alleged case of Trojan Horse in Birmingham, of the shunning of faith in education. And thus seeing the increasing scrutiny of the faith school.

Education Secretary Nicky Morgan, instigated the debate by announcing that the RE curriculum had to teach...

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What Do Muslims Really Teach Their Children?

(4) Comments | Posted 12 September 2014 | (15:25)

If we believed the news it would appear like the entire population of Muslim youth have gone abroad to join ISIS and create a medieval world. And with the backdrop of the Trojan Horse investigation of Muslim schools, it would be safe to say the seeds of suspicion have been...

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Gender Segregated Seating: Why the Uproar?

(0) Comments | Posted 12 December 2013 | (15:32)

Placard reading "we reject gender apartheid" waved at a winter evening protest. Fiery discussions about the imposition of medieval practices in Universities, unleashed in the media, as yet again another Muslim practice is in the firing line. The report issued by Universities UK which has allowed Islamic societies to practice...

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Unlearning How to Treat the Elderly

(2) Comments | Posted 21 October 2013 | (17:25)

Government Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has stirred the uncomfortable debate about the elderly in Britain. And we find that when such a debate arises, people scramble to layer upon layer with reasons as to why direct caring for elderly parents cannot be a norm in the UK, or...

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Is Society Pushing Motherhood Out?

(4) Comments | Posted 21 August 2013 | (10:26)

Motherhood has always been an undying role in every society, crucial for the future of the human race. The question we need to ask ourselves today is, is society pushing this vital role of motherhood out?

Mothers who work are being pushed out

Legal firm Slater and...

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The Month of Ramadan and its' Lasting Impact

(1) Comments | Posted 24 July 2013 | (08:29)

"What! Not even water?"

Has often been the shocked reply for many Muslims, to the statement that you are abstaining from food and drink sunrise till sunset, for the month of Ramadan.

But it could be said that many across Britain have gleaned some understanding of this month of spirituality,...

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One Million Children in the UK are Denied the Right of a Father - Are we Going to Question, Why?

(0) Comments | Posted 17 June 2013 | (12:28)

If a report announced that one million children in the UK had no adequate teacher at school, we would be in uproar.

One million children going without an adequate education would be unacceptable and a cause for considerable public anger to be directed towards the Government - as when it...

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Separate Toilets for Men and Women - Serious Issue of Discrimination

(108) Comments | Posted 15 May 2013 | (11:44)

Don't agree with the title? Well you are not alone, as neither do I.

But student equality rights group, Student Rights, believes segregation of men and women is a cause for deep concern in University events. But not in toilets, or in society. In particular in Muslim...

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To Femen: Let's Talk About What Liberating Women Really Means

(53) Comments | Posted 6 April 2013 | (22:27)

This week half naked women bared all across the cities of the Western world from Paris, Kiev to Melbourne, in a day of protest. Organised by Ukranian based Femen, they demonstrated for Muslim women who they felt needed liberating from Islamists who they called, 'inhuman beasts' on their facebook page....

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Eight Year Olds Exchanging Sexual Images Can Never Be Acceptable

(0) Comments | Posted 6 March 2013 | (21:35)

A Scottish study, attempted to quantify the exchange of sexual images that young people circulate via social media and mobile phones. Although difficult to detect and monitor, the findings revealed in a child protection conference in Stirling, Scotland; were disturbing. They revealed children as young as eight sharing sexual images.


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Gender Equality has Made Women Choose Divorce Over Homemaking

(6) Comments | Posted 6 February 2013 | (09:55)

Louisa Peacock in the Telegraph, looks at a survey taken from 'The Unfinished Revolution' by Kathleen Gearson, which states 75% of women would rather divorce their husbands and continue to work and raise their children alone, than become a housewife.  Many of the women...

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When Faith Meets Fundamentalism - Proposed Guidelines for Interfaith Marriages

(8) Comments | Posted 30 December 2012 | (11:23)

An interfaith organisation Christian Muslim Forum have put together guidelines this December 2012, for what they perceive to be a growing problem affecting the Muslim community - the hostility and apparent forced conversion that takes place in the Muslim community in response to the marriages of Muslims to people of...

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The Problem With Making Puddings and Knitting Stockings

(74) Comments | Posted 23 November 2012 | (10:47)

'It is narrow-minded in their more privileged fellow-creatures to say that they [women] ought to confine themselves to making puddings and knitting stockings, to playing on the piano and embroidering bags.'

Charlotte Bronte expresses through her Victorian new-age feminist protagonist Jane Eyre, solidarity with the quest to raise the value...

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