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The Art Of Unfriending

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At university you are forced to live with people that you have never met before, your friendships are forced upon you and you are stuck with them for a year. You find yourself spending all your time with someone you may not have clicked with, what a perfect way to spend the 'best three years of your life.' But once you're stuck with them, how do you get rid of them? Unfriending is the way forward! Get rid of them on Twitter, Facebook and obviously, in real life!

University is a great opportunity to meet new people, make a fresh start, party hard and, umm... spend some time studying. However, many people find it increasingly difficult as the novelty of moving out, away from the parents, rubs off.

Bitchy, two faced, sneaky, rude, lying... what more could you ask for in a group of 'friends?' These lovely people that welcomed you with open arms, during freshers week, turn nasty quicker than gone off milk. Here's to being a polite, well mannered, young girl because some people certainly aren't. Friends come and go, there is always going to be those people that grind your gears. Words of wisdom, "you can count you're true friends on one hand." The bitchiness some people portray really isn't necessary.

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Being in this situation myself, I know this is a difficult predicament to remove yourself from, without being the two faced, false person that they are. But hey, rise above their petty ways. If you can relate to this, you're better than that!

I'm going to give you an example now. A house full of students isn't always the cleanest place, an understatement for sure. The washing up piles sky high, the bathroom tends to be a health hazard and by the end of the week you may as well be living in a landfill site. Not an amazing atmosphere! Well there is a solution to such a problem and, obviously your friends will help. Well that's what you'd assume, right?

That's not always the case though. I have spent countless times washing up disgusting plates, cleaning the bathroom from hair and dry shampoo that somehow manages to get everywhere, even out of the shower. What do I get...nothing, not even a thank you. So bye bye nice, cleaner Sophie. I am officially on strike.

These people, your 'true university friends' or perhaps 'your best friends for life' may not be the people you first thought they were. Now, I'm not saying everyone will be in this situation and at the end of the day I have, in fact, met my best friend since being at university, but there really are some very trying people you may meet along the way. But being the nice, calm and easy going person that I am, I am yet to say something about the ridiculous situation I have found myself in. Maybe unfriending them on Twitter will be my first move, discreet but one step ahead of the game for me.

"I'm going to do the hoovering today." When I wake up to a text like this, I wish my reply could be, "fantastic, well done you, I do it every bloody day." People seem lovely and sweet in the honeymoon stage, when you first become close friends, but as soon as that wears off, it seems you're only needed when they have no one else, cleaning needs to be done or you're required as their free of charge taxi service.

Personal space is a must at university. Shutting myself in my room has become one of my favourite hobbies, sad to say, considering my social life is actually superb. Don't get me wrong, some of the people I have met are fantastic and I love them dearly but to the others, you back stabbing hypocrites, I do not care if you have posted a photo on Instagram, whether your digging tweet is about me or if your work load has got too much. I am not interested in the slightest now you have shown your true colours, I will openly voice my opinion but I will not sit and listen to people rant about my friends, who are extremely good people. Another reason to unfriend... this time more serious, Facebook friend, deleted.

So my advice to you, take people as they come but accept your first judgment of people and trust your instinct. If they come across as a bitch on the very first day then they definitely are a bitch, through and through. You'll begin to see through the layers of these fake, two faced people that you have been forced to live with under the universities decision. But whatever you do, do not fall for the "oh I love you so much, you're the best friend I've ever had" act, because most of the time it is certainly not true.

Take action, brave, kind, misused people. Unfriend these fare weather friends, you're worth better than that!

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