Sooqini Wanted to Make You the First Person in Line for the iPhone 5

21/09/2012 11:39 | Updated 20 November 2012


The hysteria around the launch of the latest iteration of Apples wildly popular phone is
being utilised by two entrepreneurs and one of London's newest startups to benefit charity.
Being in the front spot in the queue for the launch of the next biggest gadget is the holy
grail for many Apple fans.

Richard Wheatcroft and George Horne will have spent 8 days in the queue at the Apple
Store in Regent Street. It's something many Apple fans wish they could do but maybe
can't justify the time off work. Well now Apple fans or anyone that wants publicity has the
opportunity to buy their spots and make their dreams come true.

These two entrepreneurs have teamed up with Sooqini, a mobile user-to-user marketplace
where anyone can buy and sell anything from goods, skills or information, to sell their
spots to the highest bidder and also receive sponsorship for doing promotional tasks for
third parties in front of the Apple Store until the release date.

All proceeds raised from their eight day stunt will go to Richard's social enterprise: Crowd
Fuelled Causes and their first project, Hope Boutique Bakery. Sooqini, which has recently
launched in London and already has a few thousand users, has been involved in a number
of promotional activities recently including locking a popular London entrepreneur in a hair
salon and leaving her to rely on Sooqini to survive.


The process for buying and selling on Sooqini is similar to eBay but extends to everything:
Post your request, and what you're willing to pay in seconds, and others on its secure
platform will offer their expertise. Choose the best offer, make your payment when you are
ready and, exchange ratings and feedback.

To bid for the spots in the queue and request Richard and George to promote your
business, you can post your request and price in either or the Sooqini iPhone