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Stephen Hamilton is a Glasgow-born comedian, writer, and published author. The funny Scotsman has spent several years writing and performing comedy as well as writing for and co-writing with other comedians worldwide.

He is currently the comedy writer and editor at Dafty News:

He said of comedy: “Comedy doesn’t always need to be of a high quality and standard. Just perform it in front of an audience who have a very low opinion of themselves and an even lower self-esteem; and who are clearly suffering from a multitude of personal issues and carrying a lot of life’s baggage. They’ll laugh at anything – they have to.”

Stephen lists his influences as George Carlin, Bill Hicks, Sam Kinison and Doug Stanhope.

Entries by Stephen Hamilton

Political Correctness: Je Suis Comedy

(2) Comments | Posted 19 January 2015 | (13:00)


We live in a world where we are constantly looking over our shoulder in fear of offending someone.

The Political Correctness cloud follows us everywhere we go and sometimes it drops a downpour on us just when we thought it was...

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Reasons to be a Psychic Sceptic - Casper the Friendly A**hole

(0) Comments | Posted 24 October 2014 | (19:59)

Let's spooky on down.

As we approach Halloween (Trick or Treat) I thought it'd be the right time to highlight a few concerns, inconsistencies, and discrepancies, about the wacky world of psychics and the afterlife.

I am prompted to write about this after reading an article about an individual who...

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How to Handle a Nigerian E-mail Scammer

(0) Comments | Posted 3 September 2014 | (13:32)

We've all had them, we've all read them, and some have actually been stupid enough to reply to them.

I am of course talking about the famous, "Dear sir, I am the son of an African diplomat...blah, blah, blah, E-mail.

Many people trash these E-mail scam emails and I admit,...

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Top 12 Excuses for Being Late With Your Self-Assessment Tax Form

(1) Comments | Posted 22 August 2014 | (18:24)

12. The World Cup was on and two things happened. Before I knew it I'd missed the deadline. My budgie was sick. He chewed on the only pen I had in the house and he died of ink poison. I didn't have anything to put him in for his burial...

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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Be Slaughtered by a Comedian

(0) Comments | Posted 19 July 2014 | (21:55)

Comedians live from material and the material, in most parts, comes from people, people-watching and people's behaviour.

Basically, what I'm saying is: idiot- f***wet-blowhard-c**t--observation.

Let's face it; we've all hammered that 'douche bag', the 'asshole' and the absolute waster in society.

Why? Because they deserve it. No, they are not...

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The Language of a Journalist: Top Five Lines

(0) Comments | Posted 11 July 2014 | (17:26)

I fell backwards into journalism. I planned on embarking on another path, well off track, as I had two choices: (1) to study psychology or (2) to study psychiatry. As you can guess I chose neither as I couldn't make my mind up.

I did, however, opt for a career...

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Fourteen Useless Things to Add to Your 'Before I Die' Bucket List

(0) Comments | Posted 5 May 2014 | (15:18)

Did you ever dream or have any aspirations to stroke an elephant's trunk whilst wearing a biker's bandana, throw yourself out of a two-seater plane to raise money for a cause that doesn't really care about you, or go down a water slide backwards as you try desperately not to...

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Eleven Reasons Why Jesus Is Not Coming Back

(22) Comments | Posted 28 April 2014 | (00:00)

I purposely waited until after Easter - well after Easter - to unleash my reasons why the big man is not coming back.

It comes on the back of a visit by some very persuasive religious group hustlers who banged on my door, aggressively, and were even more fierce with...

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Twenty-Seven Annoying Sayings and Phrases in One Article

(0) Comments | Posted 13 April 2014 | (23:50)

If you are like me you'll hate clichés, annoying repetitive sayings and phrases. We can't hide from them as they are everywhere we look and everywhere we turn. The only way to combat them is to fight back, and with vengeance.

Just when we are trying to recover from an...

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Top 10 Things to Hate About Facebook

(15) Comments | Posted 12 April 2014 | (00:00)

1. Share if you love your kids. Oh, really? So, let me get this straight. I love my kids, you love your kids, and we all love our kids. But, you want me to let you know that I love my kids and I want you to let me know...

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