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These Mad Max: Fury Road Monster Motors Will Blow Your Mind

(0) Comments | Posted 15 May 2015 | (14:23)

George Miller has come a long way from directing the first 1979 Mad Max starring Mel Gibson.

There is no other word than BIG to describe 'Mad Max: Fury Road', from the jaw dropping explosive effects to the barbarous vehicles to the massive dry post-apocalyptic vastness of desert, Miller's new reboot is nothing short of amazing.

There’s not much script but it really doesn’t matter, this film is all about the visuals that keep you on the edge of your seat throughout.

The mastermind behind these monster vehicles is none other than production designer Colin Gibson who was told “Make it cool or I’ll kill you” according to Jalopnik.

Gibson is said to have salvaged over 300 cars, motorcycles and truck parts to build his war machines, making up to 150 vehicles. Almost half were destroyed during the making of the movie.

One thing for sure is, these marvellous monstrosities don't disappoint. Warning: You may finish this article feeling the overwhelming urge to go fit 200 large speakers to the top of your car.

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Warning: These Election Faces May Make You Sad....

(5) Comments | Posted 8 May 2015 | (13:42)

Dave the destroyer has left a string of sad faces in the aftermath of the general election.

We didn’t think it could get any worse after Danny Alexander’s super sorrowful face but there was more sadness to follow.

Will #Milifandom ever be the...

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Past General Election Archive Pictures: A Historic Look Back At Britain At The Polls (PICTURES)

(1) Comments | Posted 7 May 2015 | (18:13)

Even though the tradition of voting may seem archaic, we have made significant headway since the old days.

As we go to the polls in the closest General Election in decades, much has changed: there are other ways to vote rather than physically going to the polling...

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These Dogs Really Don't Care About Voting

(7) Comments | Posted 7 May 2015 | (13:40)

These dogs really don't give a shih-tzu about voting.

But they were turning up nonetheless to support their owners across polling stations in the UK.

And even though a trip to the polls may have been a bit ruff on them, many waited paw-tiently outside whilst their owners penned their...

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Election Day 2015: Live Pictures From The 'Day Of Judgement'

(5) Comments | Posted 7 May 2015 | (09:30)

After weeks of party leaders hitting the streets and campaigning for votes, election day is finally upon us.

With the polls between Labour and Conservative being almost neck and neck David Cameron, who has been prime minister since 2010, with be fighting to keep his job for a second term.

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Royal Baby: 14 Other Babies Who Are Not The Little Princess But Are Equally Awesome

(2) Comments | Posted 2 May 2015 | (14:34)


The second royal baby is finally here and it’s a girl!

And just like all the mothers around the world who have just given birth, Duchess Kate will be feeling exhausted but ecstatic.

But what were...

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Jim Murphy Has Great General Election Banter

(2) Comments | Posted 29 April 2015 | (16:03)

Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy has arguably had one of the toughest jobs in British politics since he took over the party in December.

But that hasn't stopped the 47-year-old, who according to recent polling numbers is about to lead Labour to complete annihilation at the

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Nepal Earthquake Pictures Show Sheer Apocalyptic Devastation From Epicenter

(0) Comments | Posted 29 April 2015 | (10:09)

As the death toll from the Nepal earthquake passes 5,000, tens of thousands of others have been left homeless and struggling to survive.

The United Nations estimated that eight million people had been affected and just under 10,000 injured.

Temples and homes have been reduced...

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25 Galactic Images Captured By The Hubble Telescope To Celebrate It's 25th Anniversary

(0) Comments | Posted 24 April 2015 | (15:44)

NASA and the ESA are celebrating the Hubble telescope's 25th anniversary and have released this stunning new image showing a giant cluster of about 3,000 stars called Westerlund 2.

hubble 25th anniversary

“Hubble has completely transformed our view of the universe, revealing the true beauty...

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Dropkick Murphys Surprise Passengers With St Patrick's Day Gig In Middle Of Boston's Logan Airport

(2) Comments | Posted 17 March 2015 | (17:33)

Passengers were taken aback when they received an early St Paddy's Day surprise gig in the middle of Boston's Logan airport.

American Celtic punk band Dropkick Murphys performed an impromptu concert at Gate E4, whilst waiting to board a flight to Dublin where they were due to kick off...

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NASA Astronaut Terry Virts Shows The Sheer Scale Of The ISS

(1) Comments | Posted 3 March 2015 | (13:18)

Just in case you didn’t realise how big the International Space Station (ISS) actually is, Astronaut Terry Virts has put this into perspective for you in one single tweet.

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#TheDress: Black And Blue Dress Or White And Gold Dress? These Stars Don't Care

(6) Comments | Posted 27 February 2015 | (12:06)

Is it a blue and black dress or a white and gold dress? The nation has been divided over THE DRESS!

This somewhat tedious debate has caused hashtags #TheDress and #dressgate to be top trends and send everyone on Twitter potty...

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These Red Pandas Playing In The Snow Will Make Your Day

(0) Comments | Posted 20 February 2015 | (15:30)

Just some adorable red pandas having about the best time ever playing in the snow, so simple, yet so cute.

Cincinnati Zookeepers posted a video on their facebook page of these little ones jumping for joy and thrashing about in the snow.

They look so happy!! Who can...

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Niagara Falls (Almost) Freezes Over As Temperatures Plummet

(1) Comments | Posted 20 February 2015 | (08:22)

The winter's deep freeze has transformed Niagara Falls into an icy spectacle, encasing the trees around it into crystal shells and drawing tourists who are braving below-zero temperatures.

The Niagara River keeps flowing below the ice cover, so the falls aren't completely frozen over. But the massive ice...

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11 Dramatic Images Of Lightning Over Johannesburg, South Africa

(17) Comments | Posted 12 February 2015 | (15:56)

These stunning pictures show hundreds of lightning bolts in full force illuminating the night sky in South Africa.

Alexius van der Westhuizen, a 46-year-old real-estate agent, captured the dramatic thunderstorm over the skies in Johannesburg.

Each picture is a composition of dozens of images taken during three-hour sessions over the...

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Rockets Launching Into An Aurora Sound As Awesome As They Look

(0) Comments | Posted 27 January 2015 | (15:18)

NASA have given us another amazing image - this time of rockets launching into an aurora-filled sky.

We can only imagine what this would look like in real-life... So thank you NASA!

Here's what happens in order to for this to occur...

The interaction of solar winds and...
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Shooting The Night Sky, A Beginners Guide To Astrophotography

(2) Comments | Posted 25 January 2015 | (17:42)

Astrophotography can be very daunting when you’re a beginner, especially if you’re not sure where to start.

Do I need a telescope? Which one should I get? Which camera do I need? These are all good questions you should be asking yourself.

You need to feel comfortable using...

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Pictures Of The Year: Press Association's Most Striking Images of 2014 (PHOTOS)

(1) Comments | Posted 31 December 2014 | (10:34)

When we reflect on 2014, what images come to mind?

Was your favorite image Nigel Farage being egged or when Wenger and Mourinho squared up to each other? Or was it when The Queen had everyone at the edge of their seats during her Game of Thrones visit?

Press Association...

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Pictures Of The Year: Getty Images Most Compelling Photos of 2014

(3) Comments | Posted 24 December 2014 | (18:45)

Getty Images have covered more than 80,000 events this year and their photographers have brought you some of the most incredible, inspiring and moving images of 2014.

They've been everywhere, from the Scottish Independence referendum to frontline conflicts around the world via flooding, riots and the devastating...

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The APEC Summit In 10 Awkward Moments (PICTURES)

(6) Comments | Posted 10 November 2014 | (11:59)

China's President Xi Jinping drew the short straw this year to host President Barack Obama and other world leaders at the latest APEC summit

The gathering saw China's president and Japan's prime minister take a major step in easing more than two years of high tensions with an ice-breaking...

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