Tamsin Omond
Tamsin Omond left university with one ambition - to become the first female Archbishop of Canterbury. After reading a popular science book about climate change she had to rethink her goal. One morning she left her church office so that she might climb the roofs of Parliament to drop banners that read: No Third Runway (at Heathrow Airport). This was the beginning of a new journey - to build a radical environmental movement in the UK. Since that January morning four years ago she has organised (and been arrested for) a number of high profile protests, founded a Suffragette inspired climate action group called Climate Rush and coordinated the recent Save England's Forests campaign. She is the author of RUSH! The Making of a Climate Activist and is as likely to be found in the pages of Vogue as she is to be found outside Jeremy Clarkson's house beside a large pile of manure.

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They Have Heartbeats Too

(0) Comments | Posted 6 November 2012 | (21:24)

A lot of good lines have been written about why abusing animals says more about us than it does about them. You might know this one from Gandhi:

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated".

Many great things...

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"Book Early, Pay Less" - Regional Airports Are Bad For The Community

(7) Comments | Posted 3 August 2011 | (00:00)

A new Easyjet hub for cheap Euro-wide flights is searching for its market. London Southend Airport will open to its public in April 2012. Southend on Sea's council, the airport's owners, Stobart Transport and Easyjet - who stand to benefit the most from this airport - must be...

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