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Anki's Cozmo Robot Is A Real-Life Wall-E For Your Desk

(0) Comments | Posted 27 June 2016 | (14:57)

Meet Cozmo, a tiny robot packed with enough artificial intelligence to melt your heart.

Developed by Anki, the same company which created Anki Drive, Cozmo is a real-life Wall-E for your desk.

Inside his tiny frame is a robot that Anki describes as charming, mischievous and unpredictable.

Cozmo is able to use a whole host on onboard sensors to detect the world around him, he can even recognise you individually.

Powered by something called an 'emotion engine' Cozmo has been programmed with the ability to show complex emotions using thousands of facial expressions, sounds and body language.

Able to play a number of games using some small interactive boxes, Cozmo is as much about trying to create a bond with you the owner as it is about showing off some cool robotics.

With his own randomly generated personality that learns Cozmo could decide that he doesn't want to play when you do, or that he wants to play when you're busy.

While Cozmo is a long way from Boston Dynamics' SpotMini that can do the dishes, this little critter is clearly intelligent in a different way.

He'll be available to buy in October, is compatible with iOS and Android and will set you back...

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Rolls-Royce's Vision Of The Future: A Fleet Of Drone Ships Controlled By Augmented Reality

(0) Comments | Posted 27 June 2016 | (13:22)

When you think of the word drone it's probably a fair assumption that two images will pop into your head.

The first will inevitably be the quadcopters we've seen so expertly crashed on YouTube or the UAVs so controversially used by...

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A Scientist Has Created A Mathematical Model Which Could Explain What Makes Us Good Or Bad People

(0) Comments | Posted 27 June 2016 | (09:30)

What makes us good or bad? Is it our surroundings? Our childhood? Or something deeply entwined in our genetic code?

A University of Exeter scientist has developed a breakthrough mathematical model which explores why some individuals evolve to be genetically nasty, or nice.

Dr Sasha Dall...

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Following Brexit, 'What Is The EU?' Becomes One Of The Most Searched Terms In The U.K.

(0) Comments | Posted 24 June 2016 | (16:17)

Now that Brexit has been crowned victorious it would seem understandable that the public are now wondering what the EU referendum results mean for them.

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Parkinson's Disease Breakthrough Could 'Stop The Condition In Its Tracks'

(0) Comments | Posted 24 June 2016 | (14:12)

New research by scientists at the University of Leicester has provided a breakthrough in understanding the origins of Parkinson's disease which could eventually lead to a cure.

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Boston Dynamics Unveils SpotMini, A 'Puppy' Robot That'll Even Do The Housework

(0) Comments | Posted 24 June 2016 | (13:04)

Alphabet might have put Boston Dynamics up for sale but that hasn't stopped the robotics company from coming up with some new creations.

This is...

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Nicola Blackwood MP: Vital That Government Reassures Science Industry In Wake Of EU Referendum Result

(0) Comments | Posted 24 June 2016 | (11:31)

In the wake of the UK's decision to leave the European Union Science and Technology Committee Chair Nicola Blackwood MP has said that it is 'vital' that the government reassures the 200,000 people currently working in the UK's life science industry.

In a statement following the EU referendum...

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Russia Wants To Develop A Teleportation Device In The Next 20 Years

(0) Comments | Posted 23 June 2016 | (12:48)

To teleport from one place to another has, and still remains, one of the most sought-after technologies since it was first conceived in the writings of our greatest science fiction authors.

Few won't have gawped at Star Trek's transporter and while we've managed to conquer many of...

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Electric Race Car Sets An Absolutely Obscene Acceleration Record

(0) Comments | Posted 23 June 2016 | (11:36)

A team of students have created what might be the fastest electric car in the world.

The grimsel electric racing car has broken the world record for acceleration by an electric vehicle travelling from 0-100 kmh in a staggering 1.5 seconds.

To put that into some perspective, NASA's Saturn V rocket would propel astronauts at liftoff to 60mph in roughly the same time.

Compare it to other cars and it looks even more impressive. The astonishingly quick Porsche 918 Spyder is a hypercar in every sense of the word and yet can only manage 0-97 kmh in 2.2 seconds.

We say only, even the McLaren P1 achieves that already impressive feat in 2.6 seconds.

So how did the team do it? Well they built the car in less than a year using carbon fibre, and four specially developed motors that are capable of generating 200hp.

The team then developed a sophisticated traction control system which regulated the power going to each wheel thus making sure that the balance was flawless.

The previous world record stood at 1.7 seconds and was set last year by a team from the University of Stuttgart.

Sadly the grimsel isn't something you can get your hands on, it's a one-of-a-kind and won't be appearing on a driveway any time soon. Considering the speed, that's actually probably for the...

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Is There Life After Death? Study Finds Evidence Of Hidden Genes Coming To Life

(0) Comments | Posted 23 June 2016 | (10:46)

If there life after death? Well from a purely scientific point of view it appears as though yes, there is.

A study by researchers at the University...

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Amazon's New Kindle Is Lighter, Thinner And Still £59.99

(0) Comments | Posted 22 June 2016 | (15:38)

Amazon has unveiled a brand-new version of its original Kindle that's thinner, lighter and now comes in either black or white.

Launching in the UK on 20...

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Google's AI Research Team Outline Five Questions Every Robot Needs To Answer

(0) Comments | Posted 22 June 2016 | (13:29)

When it comes to predicting a robot apocalypse so few of us take humanity into consideration.

It seems that when the robots and AI do...

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Google Will Now Try And Diagnose Your Symptoms Right Within Search

(0) Comments | Posted 22 June 2016 | (12:50)

We've all been there, you wake up one morning with a headache, or the sniffles and by evening it has still hasn't budged.

What do you do? Well traditionally...

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A Drug Which Treats Diabetes Could Actually Be Effective Against Alzheimer's Disease

(0) Comments | Posted 22 June 2016 | (10:35)

Drugs that are currently used to treat diabetes could also be effective against Alzheimer's disease, new research suggests.

Current thinking does...

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NASA Just Turned Your TV Into The Observation Deck From The ISS

(0) Comments | Posted 22 June 2016 | (10:09)

NASA has just given your TV a front row seat to one of the best views in the solar system.

The space organisation has unveiled the official...

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China Owns The World's Most Powerful Supercomputer, But What Do We Use Them For?

(0) Comments | Posted 21 June 2016 | (09:15)

This is the Sunway TaihuLight and while it's not exactly 'Deep Thought' it is in fact the world's most powerful supercomputer.

The government owned computer is installed at the National Supercomputing Centre in Wuxi, China.

It is capable of running at a staggering 93...

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The Apple Watch Breathe App Wants You To Take A Moment To Clear Your Head

(0) Comments | Posted 20 June 2016 | (15:41)

The Apple Watch can do a great many things, and one of those things is being a tool for keeping you active and generally less stressed.


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Tesla Model S Can Transform Into A 'Boat' Confirms Elon Musk

(0) Comments | Posted 20 June 2016 | (14:52)

Tesla's Model S can do some very cool things, but this just about tops it.

A Model S owner from Kazahkstan has discovered the hard way that while normal cars will become stuck when submerged, the Model S does quite the opposite.

Stick the car into drive he discovered that for very brief periods of time the Model S can actually propel itself through the water just like a boat.

How? Well it's down to two very simple features which most combustion cars don't have.

For starters the battery and motors are completely sealed from the outside so there's very little risk of the water causing electrical failure.

Secondly a Model S doesn't need air which means there's no air intake, or exhaust for water to enter.

With those two elements in place it was simply a matter of using the wheels as a form of momentum.

Of course no roadgoing car should really be in contact with water to that degree so while the driver might have escaped unharmed there's nothing to say the car didn't suffer some other form of damage.

In case you're after an electric car that can work as a submarine don't panic, Elon Musk has claimed he's looking into it. Knowing Musk's track record for turning his ideas into reality we'd probably say you won't have to wait long either.

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Dinosaur Extinction Asteroid Almost Wiped Out Mammals Too Suggests New Study

(0) Comments | Posted 20 June 2016 | (11:38)

When that giant asteroid hit the planet some 66 million years ago, it wasn't just the dinosaurs that ended up pulling a short straw.

A new study by researchers at the University of Bath have since discovered that mammals very nearly went the...

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A Blood Test Can Predict Risk Of A Heart Attack For The Next Five Years

(0) Comments | Posted 20 June 2016 | (09:24)

Something as simple as a blood test could now be used to asses your risk of having a heart attack in the next five years.

The study...

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