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NASA Cheats Water Emission Tests

(0) Comments | Posted 29 September 2015 | (08:34)

NASA, or to give it its full name, the National Astronaut Something Acronym has today admitted to having installed specialist software on Mars, which allowed it to cheat water emissions tests. In a shock revelation, Sooper Noaver, head of Really Far Away Rock Research, made the confession to an undercover...

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The Ostrich Conspiracy

(0) Comments | Posted 14 November 2014 | (05:52)

There's been a lot of talk lately but everyone seems to be be missing the truth. This video my save your life. Watch it and heed its warnings.

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Accepting a Lift From a Stranger

(0) Comments | Posted 11 November 2014 | (20:42)

I'm a rubbish man. By that, I'm not describing my profession but rather my ineptitude at being proper man. If, like me, you find many of modern life's daily interactions a struggle, then I'm here to share with you my modus operandi, in the hope that you'll feel comforted by...

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Why Your Children Won't Go to Bed

(0) Comments | Posted 8 February 2014 | (18:20)

I know many parents and one of their most common complaints is that they struggle to get their children to go to bed. Apparently, it's a constant power struggle, in which the parent is rarely the victor.

Do you require Super Nanny in your life, to visit your home, dissect...

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Accidents - Exotic Stephen

(0) Comments | Posted 1 February 2014 | (17:11)

Let it not be said that I ever misinterpret situations. I recently had a wonderful and frightening telephone conversation with Exotic Stephen, who is the coolest man on Earth. However, he also harbours a terrifying obsession with accidents. Here, I share my experience:

If you see a bear and he asks after me, you know NOTHING,...

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Violent Video Games Aren't to Blame, You Are

(1) Comments | Posted 18 August 2013 | (14:02)

A debate rages on, in society, around the topic of video games. Namely, "Are video games a bad influence on children?" There are many, over-protective, naïve and, frankly, idiot parents, who believe that, yes, this is the case. It is true that some video games are hugely, gratuitously violent, but...

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Evolution: Chuck Norris and Angry Birds

(0) Comments | Posted 24 March 2013 | (16:52)

The theory of Evolution is a fascinating one. Some people treat is as gospel, whereas others treat Gospel as gospel. Whatever floats your gullible boat. Either way, it's a theory that answers many questions but presents us also, with many questions. It may explain where we came from, but not...

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Capitalism in Fancy Dress

(0) Comments | Posted 8 February 2013 | (17:02)

We live in a Capitalist society and I've made my peace with this. People sell stuff and people buy stuff - fine. However, I tire of said stuff being peddled by minor celebrities and out of work extras, on my television.

Television adverts feed on the stupidity of suggestible...

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