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My Tour Diary

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Emile Bailey
Emile Bailey

Me and my band the Anytime Minutes, on the way to Aberdeen. Spacemen 3 on the wheels of steel, Dr Kiko at the wheels of steering alpaca and camel. Farm to the left, sheep to the right, everybody say Aberdeen - whoop!

In some cultures, like mine for example, they say good news will befall he whose eyes had recently seen both a camel and a llama. And lo, that shit just happened.

Piccadilly Records, the best record shop in Piccadilly, if not the world, has just let everyone know about a 12" we've been planning for a little while. Seahawks' remix of a song I wrote with Kurt Wagner, yes he of Lambchop fame or pork chop as Stuart Maconie refers to them as. Anyway the song in question, A Gain, from my album Oh No I Love You gets an underwater woozy remix from Pete Fowler and Co and take it into an undersea adventure - a coral castle to swim through in a diving bell going deep. It's what O Genesis is all about - it's my co- laboratory - Piccadilly records, Seahawks and me.

A slab of vinyl beauty, the flip side is Andy Votels' remix of Hours, a big one for the Manc bank. Tandy love indeed. Anyway back to the tour it's all about the people you meet and the and the songs and the set:

Tobacco Fields
The Economy
Years Ago
Anytime minutes
We All Need Love
Great Outdoors Bitches
Doors of Then
A Case for Vinyl
Oh mi Corazon
A Gain
Encore (you're too kind thank you very much)

Be my baby

Tours are about two things really - music and people. Music on stage, in the van, at services. Everywhere. And the people - in the band, working at the venues and coming to the gigs. Until last night Simon had never met Kiko, she came all the way from Japan for the gig - I think he was from York. Anyway he bought her a pint of John Smiths and we played the gig. People and music, more of each today. Right, got to go. Alpaca my stuff into the van and we'll get moving.

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