Toby Cadman
Toby is an established international criminal law specialist in the areas of war crimes, terrorism, extradition, prison law, mutual assistance and human rights law. He lectures extensively on international humanitarian law, criminal procedure and human rights law and has provided extensive advice and training to judges, prosecutors and defence lawyers throughout the Balkans and Southeast Asia.

As an extradition specialist Toby acts for the prosecution and defence advising and representing individuals, requesting judicial authorities and governments in extradition proceedings both at first instance hearings and on appeal in the Higher Courts.

He is currently developing public international law practice that involves human rights work, prison law and judicial review. He currently instructs in a number of matters before the Administrative Court of England and Wales, the European Court of Human Rights and the UN Special Procedures Branch.

Toby is an experienced advisor on judicial reform, legislative drafting and institution building in Bahrain, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Burma (Myanmar), Montenegro, and Syria.

He also acts for a number of clients in pro-bono matters in foreign jurisdictions, in particular concerning British nationals convicted abroad.

Toby currently serves as Executive Director of TMC Advisory Group, a body that works with foreign governments, law enforcement agencies, international organisations, corporations and private individuals to develop professional and transparent institutions that protect human rights, combat corruption, and reduce the threat of transborder and transnational crime and terrorism. The Group develops training curricula for law enforcement, prosecutorial and governmental agencies for the investigation of international crimes. The Group offers specialist political and public affairs consultancy services advising clients how best to identify, approach and influence the key decision makers of Westminster, Washington DC, Brussels and further afield.

Entries by Toby Cadman

Egyptian Coup Leaders to Face Justice in the UK

(0) Comments | Posted 1 December 2014 | (00:22)

The intent upon which the law of Universal Jurisdiction in the United Kingdom was developed was to ensure that those persons committing international crimes such as torture, war crimes and crimes against humanity, those crimes that have attained the status of jus cogens, in foreign jurisdictions couldn't escape justice, simply...

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The Downing Street Review on the Muslim Brotherhood

(0) Comments | Posted 27 October 2014 | (10:30)

The Sunday Telegraph published two articles on 19 October 2014, both of which are curious. Curious given their timing and odd given their content.

The first article entitled 'Downing Street to crack down on the Muslim Brotherhood' at first glance appears to suggest that there has been some sort of...

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Law, War and Human Rights

(0) Comments | Posted 22 July 2014 | (23:49)

The use of torture and extra-judicial rendition is an affront to the rule of law. No State built on democratic principles and with that, the rule of law, should allow such a practice to remain unpunished. Organs of the State that have resorted to 'black op' tactics to target terrorism...

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Bangladesh's Contribution to International Criminal Justice

(0) Comments | Posted 21 July 2014 | (23:41)

It is important that the principles of international criminal justice be recognized and supported. The official 'Day of International Criminal Justice' is held annually on 17 July to mark the anniversary of the date of the adoption of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court and to recognize the...

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Why I'm Taking the Bangladesh Prime Minister to the International Criminal Court

(0) Comments | Posted 23 March 2014 | (17:34)

On 4 February 2014, a 'Communication' was filed with the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court ("ICC") in The Hague to open a preliminary inquiry into the situation in the People's Republic of Bangladesh. The Attorney General of Bangladesh, Mahbubey Alam, responded that there was no...

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Bangladesh and a Government in Denial

(0) Comments | Posted 9 December 2013 | (10:07)

It is now clear that Bangladesh is mired in an intractable political crisis. The main opposition party, the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), has boycotted next month's general election. Now, in a devastating blow to Sheikh Hasina and her Awami League Party, their ruling collation partners in the Jatiya Party have...

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Bangladeshis Must Not Be Silenced by Their Government

(164) Comments | Posted 8 February 2013 | (15:22)

A government should always be held to account, which is why Khaleda Zia, leader of the main political opposition in Bangladesh, wrote an article in an American newspaper last week highlighting the threat to democracy in Bangladesh under prime minister Sheikh Hasina and her Awami League government. Only...

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