Tony Woodley
RSPCA Inspector Tony Woodley is an operational officer based in the south east of England.

Tony had an extensive career working with animals before joining the RSPCA. He worked at two UK zoos, a marine animal rehabilitation centre and also in southern Africa for a safari company.

Tony joined the RSPCA in 1996 and was posted to Norfolk. In 1999 he moved to Devon and became the deputy chief inspector for the local group. In addition, for ten years, Tony was the volunteer press officer, web editor and a trustee of UK charity British Divers Marine Life Rescue and he lead the media response during the 'Thames Whale' rescue attempt. BDMLR Thames Whale video - HERE

In June 2008 Tony moved to RSPCA Headquarters and joined the HQ Inspectorate team as the communications and liaison officer.This role included extensive work for the external 'facing' RSPCA teams including; Press, Social Media, Fundraising and Campaigns. In March 2010 he was deployed, along with two colleagues for two weeks, to Haiti as part of the earthquake reconstruction response under the Animal Relief Coalition for Haiti. The Haiti Earthquake and the International Animal Welfare Response

In December 2012 Tony returned to the frontline for animal welfare as an operational officer in south east England.

His particular areas of speciality are; operational work of the RSPCA, a wide knowledge of the work of all areas of the charity, marine mammals, national cruelty/welfare issues, national incident response, income generation and social media communications.

Tony has also been an animal welfare consultant for the RSPCA’s Performing Animals Consultancy which provides independent animal welfare guidance to the production industry. He worked with productions for independent television, BBC and ITV productions and was also part of the team providing guidance to London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony.

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