Tracey Ullman
Tracey Ullman is an actress, comedienne, singer, dancer, writer, director and producer who’s career has now spanned decades. In both the UK and the US Tracey has brought her unique brand of humor to all that she does since her first appearance in the 1980s comedy sketch shows ,‘A Kick Up the Eighties’ and ‘Three of a Kind’. She also had international success with her songs released by record label Stiff Records with ‘Breakaway’ and ‘The Don’t Know.’ Tracey’s show ‘The Tracey Ullman Show’ which aired on the American Fox network in 1987 launched ‘The Simpsons.’ Since then she has written and starred in ‘Tracey Takes On…’ and ‘The State of the Union’, a variety show which offers a satirical look at a day in the life of America. Tracey’s film credits include the 1985 film, ‘Plenty’, ‘I Love you to Death’, and ‘Small Time Crooks’, which was directed and written by Woody Allen. Tracey has won 7 EMMY awards, a Golden Globe and a BAFTA award as well as the BAFTA Charlie Chaplin Lifetime achievement award. She lives in London and Los Angeles with her husband Allan, and her children, Mabel and Johnny.

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Arianna And Me

0 Comments | Posted 4 July 2011 | (09:52)

Arianna Huffington has been a gift to me, I love to impersonate her, she even lets me do it to her face without flinching. She once said that people liked me being her more than they liked her being her.

She sounds like Eva Gabor from Green Acres -...

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