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Is Your Waiter a Thief?

(1) Comments | Posted 7 January 2013 | (21:56)

A night in a five star hotel in New York followed by a day of frantic shopping in Macys, Bloomingdales, Saks Fifth Avenue, Tiffany & Co, FAO Schwarz, then two first class tickets to Barbados. You know, just the average post Christmas pick-me-up.

If you could sum up my...

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Why Do People Insist On Terrifying First Time Expectant Mums With Horror Stories

(10) Comments | Posted 20 August 2012 | (00:00)

When you announce you're pregnant many people seem to have a similar reaction, "oh congrats, how wonderful, get all the sleep you can now because you'll be wrecked from sleepless nights!"

But that's not all, then comes the horror birth stories.

The mother who gave birth on a...

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Stop Living Online and Jump on the Roller-Coaster of Life... or at Least That Was the Resolution

(0) Comments | Posted 2 January 2012 | (12:30)

My New Year's Resolution is to stop wasting endless hours online and instead get out and start living! I was about to shut down my laptop and jump on the roller-coaster of life when an e-mail pinged into my 'In' box. The subject line read: 'Trina, we've really missed you!'...

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Attending a Wedding on Your Own

(2) Comments | Posted 8 August 2011 | (14:28)

To attend a wedding on your own when you don't know anyone other than the bride is a very brave thing to do. And I'm a brave kind of girl, so when my husband couldn't get off work to attend the day-time part of my friend's wedding I was grand...

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