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Medical Marijuana Facts: Stoned Cold Science For 4/20 (VIDEO)

Cara Santa Maria | 24 April 2012 | Science
I reached out to Dr. Igor Grant, the director of the University of California Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research to get a scientific perspective on the benefits of medical marijuana.

Sex And Gender: Is It Important To Make Distinctions? (VIDEO)

Cara Santa Maria | 24 August 2012 | Science
What makes us male or female? What happens when our biological gender is out of sync with our gender identity?

Priest Martin McVeigh: Clergyman Who Showed Gay Porn At Primary School Meeting Has Laptop 'Stolen'

Felicity A Morse | 13 April 2012 | UK Universities & Education
The investigation into the Northern Irish Priest, who accidentally projected a series of pornographic gay images to a group of parents at a primary school meeting, has been hampered after the theft of the laptop at the centre of the investigation. Father Martin McVeigh was setting up...

Spotify Revision Playlist: Best Songs For When You're Revising

Lucy Sherriff | 8 May 2013 | UK Universities & Education
We all know revision is one of life's chores which can't be avoided. Some may need complete silence to revise; others find soothing background music helps them focus. If you fall into the latter category, then you've come to the right place. We've teamed up with Spotify and put...

Pakistani Students Made To Take Face-To-Face Interviews For UK Study Visa

Lucy Sherriff | 13 April 2012 | UK Universities & Education
All Pakistanis wanting to study in Britain will be interviewed face-to-face as part of measures being trialled to crack down on bogus applications, it was disclosed on Thursday night. A new "credibility test" is expected to boost the rate of refusals from 20% to more than 40%, according to a...

The First Batch Of Raspberry Pi Arrives In Stock

Melanie Hick | 13 April 2012 | UK Tech
The first batch of Raspberry Pi has arrived at an Oxford warehouse. Orders of the coveted £31 computer could be with IT enthusiasts early next week. The credit card-sized computer board is designed to entice children and IT enthusiasts into learning how to programme a computer. Glenn...

Charity Tax: Universities Join Revolt Against Osborne's Planned Donations Cap

Dina Rickman | 25 April 2012 | UK Universities & Education
Oxford and Cambridge universities have joined the increasingly bitter row over Chancellor George Osborne's controversial cap on tax relief for charitable donations. Andrew Hamilton, vice-chancellor of the University of Oxford, has written to Mr Osborne warning that the plan "risks undermining the culture" of university philanthropy, The Times reported. A...
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