Let's Help Kim and Kanye Choose a Baby Name

18/06/2013 18:07 | Updated 17 August 2013
  • Victoria Joy Online editor, writing across fashion, beauty and lifestyle and attempting to survive without weekly food packages from Mrs Joy

If only Lil' Kim hadn't been snapped up, this would have been so much simpler...

This little tyke is set to be the queen of semi-celebrity mini-mes. With her gene pool, there'll be no shortage of big glossy hair or risk of a diminutive ego later in life. Surely her name should encompass all of our expectations in one simple word - which makes the naming game quite a toughie for Kimye.

I wouldn't want to give the impression that the two aren't capable of lexical brilliance - after all, it was Mr West who coined the fabulously introspective lyric: "Man I promise, I'm so self conscious / That's why you always see me with at least 1 of my watches", but a little inspiration never hurts.

So here's some already-great names (I use the term loosely) that they could choose from if they're struggling, all following the signature Kardashian K start, obviously:

Karen - Tilda Swinton wanted to talk about Kevin but I think we should all sit down and spend some time thinking about Karen. Such a dependable moniker, you'd always know where you stood with Karen. She'd be like an open book, of which there's no doubt very few in the Kardashian/West household.

Kenny - this kid is going to need resilience, and lots of it. Who better to take inspiration from than a character who died every episode and still kept coming back for more?

Khaki - if Jay-Z and Beyonce can get away with naming their kid a colour, there's no reason Kim and Kanye can't do the same. (Alternative option: key lime.)

Kelly - whether you're thinking Brook or Kapowski, Kelly's tend to be those lucky specimens that all girls want to be and all boys want a piece of. Exactly what I imagine Kim wants for her little princess.

Kabbalah - it's done so much good for Madonna's public image, Kimye would do well to follow in her footsteps, no?