Victoria Lai
Victoria Lai is responsible for analyzing China’s economy from a regional perspective, working closely with the econometrics team to produce insights for Access China’s provincial and city reports. She has written on trends in China for various Economist Group publications, on topics such as demographic shifts in inland provinces, domestic steel industry, ethnic tensions in western China, and the changing profile of inbound FDI. She spent three years in the EIU’s Beijing office before relocating to New York, and has travelled extensively to China’s first-, second- and third-tier cities. Victoria holds a master’s degree in international relations from the London School of Economics and obtained her bachelor’s degree in international economics and political science from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

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China's Cities are on the Rise - Those Watching for the Rebalancing of the Chinese Economy Should Take Heed

(5) Comments | Posted 11 July 2012 | (01:00)

China finally became a predominantly urban country last year, but just barely - 51% of its population resided in urban areas in 2011. This may seem unimpressive, but the continued migration of China's population is fuelling the rise of massive cities that are transforming the country's still-developing urban landscape.

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