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Victoria Tomlinson is founder and owner of Northern Lights PR which operates in Yorkshire and the United Arab Emirates. A former director of Ernst & Young in London, her early career was in aerospace, manufacturing and international sales of banknotes with what is now De la Rue.
Victoria is a BBC expert woman on social media, business and education, appears on TV and radio and is an international speaker on leadership, communications and personal branding, especially to support women to board positions.
She is author of a number of ebooks on social media, including the Amazon bestseller, How to Write a Top-Ranked Business Blog.
Victoria also sits on the board of Northern Ballet and Bradford University School of Management – the North’s top business school. She was recognised by the CBI as a finalist in their business adviser of the year and represents the CBI on government and education consultation panels.
Passionate about helping young people develop their careers, Victoria gives careers advice and mentors a number of people, particularly students, women starting their own business and in leadership positions and ex-offenders. Northern Lights created an award-winning internship for BAME graduates, in partnership with Bradford University School of Management, to encourage more diversity in communications.

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How Can Women Get to the Top - With a Smile?

(0) Comments | Posted 17 February 2014 | (14:41)

"It's not fair", "it's favouritism", "I am being overlooked".

These are three phrases I have heard in recent weeks from three women I am mentoring. And listening to their stories, I don't think any of the phrases are accurate - except from the mentees' perspectives.

Despite all the progress women...

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Are Parents and Universities Failing Our Young People By Ignoring Social Media?

(5) Comments | Posted 6 August 2012 | (11:08)

How many parents, teachers and academics have you heard dismissing social media as ridiculous or a waste of time?

They have no intention of understanding how it really works, beyond the headlines, and by ignoring Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and blogging they are failing their children and students.

1. A third...

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Is Football Holding Women Back From the UK's Boards?

(4) Comments | Posted 5 October 2011 | (11:19)

Last week a handful of men experienced, at first hand, what it is like to be outnumbered at senior levels.

The Women's Business Forum attracted more than 420 high powered delegates from the UK and America. Of these just 13% were men. According to the Davies...

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