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An Exclusive Look Behind the Scenes on the Current Issue: Peru Special

Posted: 19/04/2013 00:00


By Quinn Connors

For Vogue Paris April 2013, guest star and photographer Mario Testino took us to his homeland to see the history, culture and beauty of Peru. Vogue Paris discovered the best restaurants, bars and shops from the beaches of Lima to the historical Cuzco, as well as the breath-taking scenery that plays a huge part in the country's identity. Within the April issue, models Isabeli Fontana, Aymeline Valade, Erin Wasson, Kasia Struss, Kate Moss and more strike a pose, surrounded by gorgeous sites atop Machu Picchu and among Inca ruins, or along the legendary geoglyphs in the Nazca desert.

Flipping through the issue, see cover girl Isabeli Fontana alongside Aymeline Valade, as the two models embody the styles and personalities found in Peru for Mario Testino. Kasia Struss is also found in the glossy pages as she appears in an editorial dedicated to the Peruvian mountain style, wearing denim, knits, colourful layers and folky jewels. In the last portion of Testino's fashion triptych, Erin Wasson draws inspiration from German archaeologist Maria Reiche and searches the Nazca desert for insight into the mysterious geoglyphs of stylized hummingbirds, monkeys, dogs and other animals, carved into the earth. Don't miss our exclusive video of life behind the scenes on this desert shoot. And, the issue starring Mario Testino wouldn't be complete without an appearance by his longtime friend, Kate Moss. Testino first met Moss backstage after her first John Galliano runway show when he went to congratulate the young model and found her in tears, upset over her runway walk. 15 years later, the photographer and model are still fashion superpowers, and together, created an editorial spread that exudes Lima's artistic lifestyle.

See our gallery below with some of the models featured in the April Peru issue, and exclusive behind the scenes shots of Peruvian sights seen, dishes tasted and places visited from our photo journal while Vogue Paris toured the South American country. And for even more Peruvian insight, visit our Peru channel on Vogue.fr for more on Mario Testino's homeland, with special shopping and fashion features, interviews, a travel guide and more.

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  • April Cover Girl Isabeli Fontana

    She grew up under the Brazilian sun, but the model poses for <em>Vogue Paris</em> April 2013 on the other side of South America: <a href="http://en.vogue.fr/tags/peru/9786" target="_hplink">Peru</a>. On the cover of this spring issue,<a href="http://en.vogue.fr/thevoguelist/isabeli-fontana-1/353" target="_hplink"> Isabeli Fontana</a> returns to her Latin American roots, and discovers the striking countryside of Peru through the eyes and lens of <a href="http://en.vogue.fr/thevoguelist/mario-testino-1/384" target="_hplink">Mario Testino</a>. In an explosion of color and emotion, see her inside the magazine posing alongside <a href="http://en.vogue.fr/thevoguelist/aymeline-valade-1/621" target="_hplink">Aymeline Valade</a> in the first part of a fashion triptych signed by the Peruvian photographer.

  • Over the Andes

    Flight over the Andes, destination Cuzco. See an <a href="http://en.vogue.fr/magazine/diaporama/vogue-paris-april-2013-edition-peru-special/12322" target="_hplink">exclusive look inside</a> the <em>Vogue Paris </em>April 2013 issue.

  • April 2013 Miss Vogue: Kasia Struss

    She may have sent in her photo to a local model competition as a joke, but <a href="http://en.vogue.fr/search/index?q=Kasia+Struss&s=importance&type=0" target="_hplink">Kasia Struss</a> has been a part of the tight knit circle of <em>the models-to-follow</em> since her appearance in <em>Vogue Paris</em> April 2008. Five years later, the Polish beauty hasn’t lost the cheerful, carefree charm seen within the <a href="http://en.vogue.fr/thevoguelist/balmain-1/318" target="_hplink">Balmain </a>collections look books, and laughing backstage with her model friends, Hanne Gaby Odiele and Jacquelyn Jablonski. For April 2013, <a href="http://en.vogue.fr/thevoguelist/kasia-struss-1/693" target="_hplink">Kasia Struss</a> embodies the Peruvian mountain style at the gates of Cuzco for photographers <a href="http://en.vogue.fr/thevoguelist/claudia-stefan/378" target="_hplink">Claudia & Stefan</a> in the <em>Miss Vogue</em> edit.

  • Jewelry from the Inca Shoot

    A few pieces worn during the <em>Inca </em>photo shoot starring <a href="http://en.vogue.fr/thevoguelist/isabeli-fontana-1/353" target="_hplink">Isabeli Fontana</a> and <a href="http://en.vogue.fr/thevoguelist/aymeline-valade-1/621" target="_hplink">Aymeline Valade</a>, page 168 in the magazine.

  • Maria Reiche and the Nazca Lines: Erin Wasson

    With her California sun-kissed hair and cool-girl tattoos, <a href="http://en.vogue.fr/search/index?q=erin+wasson&s=importance&type=0" target="_hplink">Erin Wasson</a> holds a bona fide wild-child warrior-chic aura, captured in the <em>Les Lignes de Nazca</em> editorial. Photographed by <a href="http://en.vogue.fr/thevoguelist/mario-testino-1/384" target="_hplink">Mario Testino</a>, the model emulates the intrepid archaeologist Maria Reiche as she searches the blazing desert in search of insight into the <a href="http://en.vogue.fr/fashion-videos/fashion-story/videos/mario-testino-erin-wesson-vogue-paris-peru-nazca-lines/3623" target="_hplink">mysterious Nazca Line markings</a> left in the arid earth.

  • Cuzco Cathedral

    Cuzco Cathedral, the location for the <em>Inca </em>fashion editorial, page 168 of <a href="http://en.vogue.fr/magazine/diaporama/vogue-paris-april-2013-edition-peru-special/12322" target="_hplink"><em>Vogue Paris</em> April 2013</a>.

  • Inca: Aymeline Valade

    <a href="http://en.vogue.fr/thevoguelist/aymeline-valade-1/621" target="_hplink">Aymeline Valade</a>, with her raw beauty and azure eyes, poses alongside April cover girl <a href="http://en.vogue.fr/thevoguelist/isabeli-fontana-1/353" target="_hplink">Isabeli Fontana</a> in the <em>Inca </em>editorial. The two models were photographed by <a href="http://en.vogue.fr/thevoguelist/mario-testino-1/384" target="_hplink">Mario Testino</a> for <em>Vogue Paris</em> April 2013, playing with contrasts in a spread that embodies the different personalities and styles present in <a href="http://en.vogue.fr/tags/peru/9786" target="_hplink">Peru</a>.

  • Braided with Traditional Fabrics

    Locks of hair braided with traditional fabrics, used by hairstylist <a href="http://en.vogue.fr/thevoguelist/james-pecis-1/427" target="_hplink">James Pecis</a> on location.

  • The Star of Lima: Kate Moss

    <em>Vogue Paris</em> April 2013 guest of honor, <a href="http://en.vogue.fr/thevoguelist/mario-testino-1/384" target="_hplink">Mario Testino</a> casts longtime friend, <a href="http://en.vogue.fr/search/index?q=Kate+Moss&s=importance&type=0" target="_hplink">Kate Moss</a>, in the lead role of his fashion epic. A veritable masterpiece that portrays the artistic lifestyle of Lima, <em>L'Etoile de Lima</em> is a rich series that sets the scene with Kate Moss and her sculptural silhouette, collector Armando Andrade's amazing home, and artists Miguel Andrade and Jerry Martin's intertextual works for which the artists found inspiration in Mario Testino's photographs, and used <a href="http://en.vogue.fr/tags/peru/9786" target="_hplink">Peruvian </a>references.

  • Ceviche by Rafael Osterling

    Ceviche by chef Rafael Osterling: more than just a simple dish, it's a work of art, available at restaurant El Mercado, the headquarters for Lima's young and in-the-know. Information: <a href="www.rafaelosterling.com" target="_hplink">www.rafaelosterling.com</a> See more <a href="http://en.vogue.fr/fashion-culture/fashion-books/diaporama/hector-solis-peru-cuisine-food-cookbook-lima-fiesta-vogue-april/12649" target="_hplink">Peruvian chefs and food</a>.

  • Golden Jewelry in Lima

    Golden jewelry shown at Museo Larco in Lima. See our Peru-inspired <a href="http://en.vogue.fr/jewelry/jewelry-store/diaporama/folk-colors-jewelry-peru-vogue-paris-april-2013-issue/12446" target="_hplink">Folk Colors shopping guide</a>.


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