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The Underhanded Scrapping of the NHS Bursary Is a Complete Disgrace

(130) Comments | Posted 21 July 2016 | (17:54)

On the last day before the summer recess, buried in a deluge of government announcements, today Jeremy Hunt has snuck out an announcement that the NHS bursary will be scrapped for students seeking to begin study in 2017/18. This is a complete disgrace and shows that the cynical and underhand...

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The Government's Behaviour on Student Grants Is Underhanded and Undemocratic - We Must Not Stand for It

(20) Comments | Posted 13 January 2016 | (23:00)

Grants designed to support students from the poorest backgrounds through university will be abolished today, but if you plan to tune in to BBC Parliament to watch a fiery political exchange you'll be sorely disappointed. There will be no Commons debate, no Commons vote and no sign of the mass...

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The Curse of Homophobic Bullying

(7) Comments | Posted 5 July 2012 | (07:45)

Yesterday's Evening Standard carried a moving article from Dr Christian Jessen, about a school friend who hanged himself because of homophobic bullying. Sadly, we know from many news stories around the world that Dr Christian's story isn't unique: gay young people often find themselves excluded, abused and attacked,...

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Clearing: It's Time to Consign This University Bargain Basement to the Dustbin of History

(0) Comments | Posted 18 August 2011 | (00:00)

This Thursday, the agonising wait for hundreds of thousands of students across the country will be over. No, I'm not talking about the return of Celebrity Big Brother, but the farce of A-level results day.

This annual spectacle has become a predictable feast in our summer media...

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