24 August 2016

A Level Results Day Is Really Stressful So Here's Some Funny Tweets About It

Press Association/Twitter

How To Get Place At University, When You Didn't Get The Grades

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Jeremy Clarkson Tries To Offer Helpful A-Level Advice, Fails


People Are Sharing Their Hilarious Exam Results Day Excuses For Bad Grades

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Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge: We Would Get Mental Health Support For Our Children If Needed

Toby Melville/PA Wire

Alton Towers Amputee Calls For Disablist Hate Crime To Be Treated Like Racism After Online Abuse

PA Wire/PA Wire

The Vagina Colouring Book For Female Empowerment

Beki Reilly

Rise Of Drunkorexia: Worrying Number Of Young People Swapping Meals For Booze

BROOK PIFER via Getty Images

People Are Freaking Out About Exam Results Even If They Aren't Getting Them Today

REUTERS/Peter Nicholls/Twitter

Five 'Sexually Inactive' Millennials On Why They Aren't Having Sex

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Young People And Gay Men Should Be Given Free Condoms 'To Reduce STIs'

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This Is What It's Like To Grow Up On Britain's Most Notorious Estate


How To Overcome The Most 'Distressing' Sexual Problems

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How Social Media Superstars Are Using Their Influence For Good


How The Bizarre Marina Joyce ‘Kidnap’ Conspiracy Created Mass Social Media Hysteria


Is The Cult Of Corbyn Over? Four Young Labour Members Explain Their Change Of Heart

Scott Heppell/PA Wire

Outrage At Universities Raising Tuition Fees Above £9,000 Cap

Sadeugra via Getty Images

This Teenager Just Got Tesco To Stop Selling Eggs From Caged Hens

Lucy Gavanagh
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You Can Now Become A Bee Apprentice

Rowse Honey

Sorry Millennials But Here's Another Reason Why You're Screwed

Luis Alvarez via Getty Images

European Students Are Withdrawing Their Uni Applications After Brexit

Epics via Getty Images

Fury As ‘R U Asking For It?’ Leaflets Distributed At Teen Sex Consent Workshop


Brexit Vote Sees Academics 'Asked To Leave' EU-Funded Projects Worth Millions

Dan Kitwood/PA Wire

EU Referendum Turnout Among Young 'Double The Level First Reported'

Isabel Infantes/PA Wire

These Young People Voted Brexit. Here's Why

HuffPost UK

NUT Strike 2016: We Ask Teachers What Is The One Thing They Would Tell Nicky Morgan

HuffPost UK

Credit Suisse CEO Blames Brexit On Poor Education In Britain

Arnd Wiegmann / Reuters