27 April 2015

Teenager Sets Rubik's Cube World Record

YouTube/Collin Burns

Goldsmiths SU Forced To Backtrack Over Event Which Banned White and Male Students


Report Finds Low Number Of English Majors Have To Take Shakespeare Classes


Meet The Girl Who Started #Milifandom

Here's How Students Are Going To Vote In The Election

Jackie Wright

A Straight High School Student Invited His Gay Best Friend To Prom

The Top Five Blogs Of The Week On HuffPost UK Young Voices

Loughborough Named 'University of the Year'

The Top 10 Most Dangerous University Cities

Mark Wineman

Who *Is* UKIP?

Gareth Fuller/PA Wire

Meet The Young Woman Tackling Gender Inequality In The Pakistani Community

Kiran Tasneem

The Above and Beyond Party: An Electoral Alternative With Just One Policy

PA/PA Archive

This Guy Made A Cheese And Bacon Toastie In His Lecture


Edge Hill University Becomes First To Offer Module In Drag Dressing

Lionel Hahn/ABACA USA

Student Jailed After Hacking Into University Computers And Changing Exam Results


Young Entrepreneurs Of The Week: Martin Jarvis And Sarah Jolley, Of Food Discovery Box

Food Distribution Box

E4 Will Shut Down During Election Day To Get Young People To Vote

24 Reasons Why We Should Challenge Islamophobia

Maahwish Mirza
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NUS Announces More Anti-Lib Dem Billboards Despite Student Opposition


Here's Why You Should Vote

Greens Denies Using 'Highly Inappropriate' Tactics By Pre-Filling Out Student Proxy Forms

Here's Where The UK's Main Political Parties Stand On The Economy

Gareth Fuller/PA Wire

So Who Actually Are The Conservatives?

Jonathan Brady/PA Wire

Who Says Young People Don't Care About Voting?


Academics Think Rugby Is Too Dangerous To Be Promoted In UK Schools

Phil Walter via Getty Images

So You've Registered To Vote. Now What?

Warwick Students Start Petition To Halt Uni Rebrand - Which Has Already Cost £80k

Warwick University

British Politics: Devolved Parliament And Assemblies - Here's How It All Works

Steve Parsons/PA Wire

University's Charlie Hebdo Conference Cancelled Over 'Reputation' Fears

The General Election, Students, and Tax: What You Should Know and How It Might Change