26 October 2016

Teens Who Mix Energy Drinks With Alcohol Are More Likely To Abuse Drugs As Adults

Shantel Ryks / EyeEm via Getty Images

The Students Refused To Award An Accomodation Prize To Expose The Real Cost Of High Rent

AntonioGuillem via Getty Images

Social Media Linked To Worrying Rise In Self-Harm Among Young People

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This Trans Teen Has Hit Back After Tesco Refused To Accept His ID


Fighting For Peace: The London Boxing Club Working To Keep Youths Out Of Gangs

Lucy Sherriff

Britain Is The Fourth Best Place In The World To Be a Young Person

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Hundreds Of Women Are Sharing Their Experiences Of Sexual Assault At Uni

gmast3r via Getty Images

Students Were Not Dressed As Alton Towers Crash Victims, Says Nottingham University SU

The Tab

Sexual Assault Victims Will Finally Be Listened To By Their Universities, Under New Guidance

Jose antonio Sanchez reyes via Getty Images

Double The Number Of LGBT Students Are Now Living In Fear Of Hate Crimes

mauro grigollo via Getty Images

Number 10 Just Said Foreign Students Might Be Removed From Immigration Figures

Compassionate Eye Foundation/Gabriela Medina via Getty Images

Cambridge Uni Has Just Been Given A Place In The Football Hall Of Fame

M. Ynys-Mon. London. UK. via Getty Images

Thousands Of Irish Students March In Dublin For Free University Education

James Field Corbett via Twitter

These Unlucky Uni Students Have Been 'Forced' To Move To £115-A-Night Hotel

Steve Parsons/PA Archive

Soldiers Who Join Army Before 18 'More Vulnerable To Self-Harm and Suicide'

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This Uni Fraternity Allegedly Taught Recruits How To Use Date Rape Drugs

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Time Team’s Tony Robinson Says Scrapping Archaeology A Level Is A ‘Barbaric Act’

Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

University Challenge Contestant Sam Fairbrother Has Viewers Obsessed

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World's Most Dramatic Driving Lesson? Learner Driver Gives Police Chasing Criminal A Lift

Kingston Police

NUS Leaders Claim MPs Anti-Semitism Report Is Attempt To ‘Discredit Malia Bouattia’


Transgender Schoolgirl Threatened With Suspension For Wearing Female Clothes

Huffington Post UK

Would You Get Into Oxford? University Reveals Its Questions

John Rensten via Getty Images

A Fifth Of State School Teachers Actively Discourage Students From Applying To Oxbridge


Brits Don't View Foreign Students As Immigrants, Survey Finds

Pixland via Getty Images

Justin Bieber Turns Up At North London School To Play Football. Yes, Really.


7 Things You Should Know About International Students In The UK

Rawpixel Ltd via Getty Images

University Raises £20k To Pay For Refugees' 'Life-Changing' Education

University of Brighton