10 October 2015

'Shag A Ginger' Night Cancelled After Parents Label It Racist


This Trans Guy Took Selfies Every Day For Three Years To Show How He Changed

Jamie Raines

Michael Gove Accuses Andrew Neil Of 'Showboating' In Feisty TV Exchange


12 Amazing People Who Prove Tory Minister's Under 25s Comments Wrong

David Cheskin/PA Wire

Ever Got So Drunk You Got An Uber Home From Manchester To London? This Tory Student Did

Panorama Claims 'VIP Paedophile Ring Allegations Started Off As A Joke'

Nick Ansell/PA Wire

David Cameron's Plan For The 'Great British Take-Off'

Bloomberg via Getty Images

Britain First Fail To Notice Most Of The Internet Mocking Them After BBC Doc

BBC Three

Boris Johnson: I Will Challenge Government Over Tax Credits Cut Roll Out


Here's Why Cameron's 'Starter Homes' Policy Has Been Completely Torn Apart

Bloomberg via Getty Images

Hard-Working Under 25s Counter Minster's 'Living Wage' Snub With Their Own Stories

Nick Ansell/PA Archive

Someone Just Expertly Trolled 'The Wright Stuff' And Nearly Everyone Fell For It

Ferdaus Shamim via Getty Images

Service Worker Gives Masterclass In Patience After Drunk College Teen Assaults Him

Iujm Ujnh/YouTube

Goldsmiths' Diversity Student Who Tweeted 'Kill All White Men' Charged By Police

Young People Spend More On Food Than Any Other Age Group

Reggie Casagrande via Getty Images

Tory Party Conference Targeted By Brutally Honest Charity Campaign


'Leave School At 16 And See The World'

Mark Lennihan/AP

How This Plymouth Student Plans To Cure Your Hangovers

PeopleImages.com via Getty Images
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Oxford Uni's 'No Offence' Magazine Banned By SU Incase It... 'Causes Offence'

Epics via Getty Images

Police 'Safety Posters' For Fresher's Week Accused Of 'Victim Blaming'

Essex Police

Deloitte Doesn't Give A Damn Where Job Applicants Went To University

Buero Monaco via Getty Images

Some Students Are Paying Up To £21,000 A MONTH For Luxury Accomodation


Two Men Charged After Three Sex Assaults Near Cardiff University Over Just Five Days

© Commission Air / Alamy

You Know London's Too Expensive When It's Cheaper To Commute From Poland

muratart via Getty Images

British Student Killed In New Zealand Kayaking Accident

DEA / N. CIRANI via Getty Images

Teen Contracts Hepatitis After Drinking Chinese Green Tea

Spaces Images via Getty Images

Who Says Young People Are Apathetic About Politics? Meet The Rising Stars

Getty Images/PA