4 September 2015

This Texas Student Was Banned From Driving, So She Got A Barbie Jeep Instead

Tara Monroe

5 Money-Saving Travel Tips


Shocked Student Finds Spy Camera Hidden Inside Travelodge Shower


'Terrifying' Case Emerges Of A Boy 'Too Young' To Be Revenge Porn Victim, So Instead Criminalised For Snapchat Selfie

Bloomberg via Getty Images

New Maths Course Will Teach Students How To Split Bills And Take Out A Mortgage

Jupiterimages via Getty Images

'I Hope It Will Be Enough.' The 20-Year-Old Syrian Refugee Who's Depending On His Education To Save Him


This Teen Made A Dictionary Change Its 'Racist' Definition Of 'Nude'


The Top 10 Subjects To Study If You Want To Get A Job After You Graduate

What Happened When Transgender Teens Spoke To Their Future Selves


Waitress Leaves Touching Note For Customer With Cancer


Louise Mensch Has Some Advice For Aspiring Students Who Want To Defy Their Doubters

Rob Brimson via Getty Images

University Professors To Mark Students Down If They Use The Term 'Illegal Immigrants' To Describe Migrants

University Professors Try To Figure Out Millennial Slang

YouTube: Lehigh University

The Virginia Shooting Victims Are Being Honoured By College Scholarship Funds

Steve Helber/AP

Mental Health: The Untold Story Of Freshers

Caspar Benson via Getty Images

So The Oxford Union Made A Shake It Off Mash-Up To Invite Taylor Swift To Come Talk


Student Spells Out Everything That's Wrong With Donald Trump In 15 Brilliant Tweets

Scott Olson via Getty Images

Young People Are Really Angry At Virgin Train's 'Sneaky' New Railcard Change - Which Will Cost Them Thousands

John Stillwell/PA Archive
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This Teen Has Made A Website Which Will Fight Your Parking Ticket Fines For You

Joshua Browder

Why Aren't Students Kicking Off Over Debt?

Johnny Green/PA Archive

Australian Minister Bans Gay Parents Film In Schools

Gaybe Baby

Warwick University Rowers Rock The Boat With Their New 2016 Naked Calendar

University of Warwick Boat Club

Male Students In America Are Putting Up Horrible Banners To Welcome Female Freshers

Credit: Total Frat Move

100 Young People Write Open Letter Pledging Support To Labour MP Sadiq Khan For London Mayor

Tim Goode/EMPICS Entertainment

Student's Brave Colostomy Bag Selfie Is Helping Sufferers Around The World


A Tetraplegic Student Just Passed First Year AND Completed A Tough Mudder


Why You Should Go Interrailing

lzf via Getty Images