6 March 2015

Guy Performs WWE Moves On Girls.. With Brilliant Results


Sikh Boy Uploads Video Of Classmates Chanting 'Terrorist' At Him On The School Bus

Latest Income Figures Are Very Depressing If You're Under 30...

Chris Radburn/PA Wire

Can You Believe They're Twins?


Edinburgh Uni's Student Union Bans Strawpedoing. #JeSuisStrawpedo Revolt Ensues


Asda Worker Wins The Internet With One Tweet

Andrew Paterson/Twitter

The Best (And Most Cringy) Student Election Campaign Videos

YouTube/ Actium Films

These Students Are Saving The World... By Urinating

DEDDEDA via Getty Images

Yet More Evidence Nick Clegg Has Lost The Student Vote (And Maybe His Seat)

Isabelle Tudor

The Six Key Higher Education Issues At The 2015 General Election

Henrik Sorensen via Getty Images

Only In Surrey.. Students Are Being Harassed With Stickers Like These On Their Rented Houses

A Bit Rich From A Party That Pledged To Abolish Tuition Fees...

Jeff J Mitchell via Getty Images

Manchester Uni Buildings Evacuated Over Explosive Chemicals Fears After Experiment 'Goes Wrong'

Peter Byrne/PA Archive

Gender Stereotypes 'Turning Girls Off Maths And Science Careers'


Westminster University Accused Of 'Appalling' Security After Two Incidents On Campus

Peter Macdiarmid via Getty Images

Young Entrepreneurs Of The Week: Meet The Team Behind 'The Next Generation Coffee Lounge'

The Coffee Lounge

9 Alternative Portraits Of The Queen For 21st Century Coins


Young Women Doing Incredible Things

lzf via Getty Images
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This Student Running For SU Election May Have Just Put Taylor Swift Out Of A Job


Study Links 'Facebook Envy' With Depression In Students

Manuel Alvarez via Getty Images