28 May 2015

'Legal Highs' Won't Be Quite So Legal After This Queen's Speech Announcement


Video Emerges Of Bouncer Refusing Students Entry To Leicester Nightclub 'Because They're Black'


Goldsmiths' Student Diversity Officer Allowed To Keep Job Despite 'Kill All White Men' Race Row

This Is Why We Love Teachers


Teenage Girl's 16th Birthday Party Engulfed In Shower Of Human Poo


Medical Students Subjected To Abuse During Placements, Research Reveals

Less Than Half Of Britain's 'Elite' Universities Don't Record Rape Allegations Properly


Anxiety: Here's What It Is, What It's Really Like To Have It, And How To Cope With It.

MoMo Productions via Getty Images

New Programming GCSE To Be Introduced So Students Can Learn How To Create The Next Facebook

Marcio Jose Sanchez/AP

Why You're Probably Not 'So OCD'. Here's What It's Really Like To Have It

lolostock via Getty Images

Coventry Pips Russell Group Universities In League Tables To Reach Top 20

This Guy Eats Beans On Toast. Nothing Else. And Doctors Say He's Perfectly Healthy

Andrew McCaren/Rossparry.co.uk

Labour Calls For A Big Change In The EU Referendum Voting Rules

ANDY BUCHANAN via Getty Images

Student Nurse Who Was Left Housebound By Panic Attacks Is Crowned Miss Manchester


'Go Out There And Make It Happen', Michelle Obama Urges Graduates

Chip Somodevilla via Getty Images

Meet The Under 30s Injecting Life Back Into Local Businesses

Oliver Barton

Petition To Have University's Diversity Officer, Who Tweeted 'Kill All White Men', Sacked Reaches 12,000

22 Things Only Students Will Understand

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Mensch Insists She Is NOT Bullying The 'Disgraceful, Hysterical, Hypocritical' #Milifandom Teen

Less Than 20% Of Young Adults Will Own Homes In 2020 If Housing Crisis Goes Unchecked

Peter Byrne/PA Wire

Five Students Hospitalised 'After Taking Synthetic Cannabis'

Matthew Fearn/PA Wire

Student Carries Mattress To Graduation To Protest Against Rape


Bush Is More Hated Than Stalin, While Einstein Is More Inspiring Than Jesus

R. Yeatts via Getty Images

PC Who Knocked Out Protesting Student's Tooth With Riot Shield Jailed For 8 Months

Central News

Security Guard And Student Protester Arrested Over Confrontation Outside Edinburgh University


Gap Between Young Unemployed And Their Working Peers Is Bigger In UK Than In 'Many Other' Developed Nations

Gareth Fuller/PA Wire

What Happened When Jimmy Fallon And The Rock Graduated In 1989