25 November 2015

'Devastating News' As George Osborne Cuts Grants For Student Nurses - And Replaces Them With Loans

michaeljung via Getty Images

What Happened When A Muslim Schoolboy Stood In The Cold For Two Hours Offering Free Hugs To 'Combat Islamophobia'

Final Exchanges Between Lovers, Family And Friends Shared On Tumblr

photka via Getty Images

Guy Comes Out To His 'Conservative' Dad, And Gets The Most Heartwarming, Emotional Text In Response


Man Releases Shocking Video Showing His Reaction To Taking Ecstasy


So Some Bristol Students Watched Porn Together For A Social Experiment..


Medic Student Banned From Being A Doctor After Posting 'I Will Find You' Taken Quote On Facebook

Student Bullied And Called 'Rapist' After Criticising Sexual Consent Workshop

Gay Teen Thanks Warwick Rowers For Helping Him Come Out With Their Nude Calendar

University of Warwick Rowing Club

Newcastle Rowing Students Create Nude Calendar For Charity After Teammate's Serious Brain Injury

Newcastle University Boat Club

First Openly Trans Teen Couple Fell In Love While Transitioning


There Are 400,000 More Young People Living In Poverty Than There Were A Decade Ago

Hemera Technologies via Getty Images

Free Yoga Classes Ended Because Of 'Cultural Genocide Due To Colonialism And Western Supremacy'

Thomas Barwick via Getty Images

'Is It That Hard For Cameron To Ask China To Help North Korean Refugees?' Asks Yeonmi Park

Dominic Lipinski/PA Archive

21 Young People Fighting To Change Our World For The Better

North Korean Survivor Slams Western Media For Treating 'Murderer' Kim Jong-Un As A Joke

One Young World

'Being Gay In Iraq Isn't As Sexy As ISIS' - But It Might Be Just As Dangerous

Amir Ashour

Rejected Student Behind Handwritten WhatsApp Proposal Responds To Viral Fame

Naomi Lucking/Twitter
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Pushing For Those Grades! Pregnant Student Pictured Completing Exam During Labour


Cambridge University Cuts 'Racist' David Starkey From Fundraising Video

Jenny Duval/EMPICS Entertainment

Watch Six Young People Implore Their Governments To Tackle Climate Change


So Germaine Greer Said This About Trans People At Cardiff Uni

Kane Hibberd via Getty Images

'Thailand's Nanny State Needs To End,' Warn Country's Young Leaders


Bob Geldof Tells Millennials They Are To Blame For Bloodshed Around The World

One Young World

Police Arrest Two Men After 15-Year-Old Goes Missing


Muslim Student Shuts Down Troll With Single Tweet... And A Letter From David Cameron


Students Are Walking Out Of Lectures To Protest Against Government's Treatment Of Migrants