29 May 2016

Young Voters Used First EU Debate To Give Politicians A *Really* Hard Time


Youngest Panellist For BBC's Youth EU Debate Is 54-Years-Old


Thousands Are Signing This Petition To Force Student Loan Changes Debate


Teens' Reaction To GCSE Maths Proves Great British Tradition Lives On


Thousands Are Sharing This Graduate’s Blistering Attack On Student Loan Changes


6 Times EU Campaigners Seriously Screwed Up Relating To Young People

Hull University Union Becomes Latest To Disaffiliate From NUS


Students Face Disruption As Strikes Sweep University Campuses

David Wilcock/PA Archive

Stronger In's Attempt To Woo Young People Is 'Gettin' Absolutely Slated


Hank Azaria Offers Hilarious Advice To Graduates In The Voices Of 'Simpsons' Characters

Elise Sinagra/Getty Images/The Simpsons

Teens Falsely Accused Of Theft Will Now Teach Cops A Lesson

Cambridge News / SWNS.com

21 People Whose English Literature GCSE Was Anything But Lit


Shocking Number Of Students Don't Know The Date Of The EU Referendum

Rawpixel Ltd via Getty Images

This Was The Average Wage For Young People Last Year

Hinterhaus Productions via Getty Images

Genderqueer Artist Makes Brave Appeal To Fund Double Mastectomy

MP Vents Fury After Student Dupes Activists With Cardboard Jeremy Corbyn

Stock/HuffPost UK

Working Class Schoolgirl Passionately Takes On Tories Over iPads For Prisoners


University Website Advises 'Girls' To Buy £785 Clutch For Graduation

Harvey Nichols/Uni of Edinburgh
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Everyone Is Thankful GCSE Chemistry Exam Included Some Chemistry


Jeremy Corbyn Launches Scathing Attack Against Tory Tuition Fee Plans


Watch These Year 13 Leavers Go Bonkers Celebrating The End Of School


Mortarboards To Be 'Photoshopped' After Safety Fears

PeopleImages.com via Getty Images

AS-Level Maths Exam Leaves Students Wishing They Had A Rich Uncle


Childhood, Fame And Depression: The Story Of Lil' Chris


Muslim Woman Takes ‘Peace Selfie’ In Front Of Anti-Muslim Protesters

Jurgen Augusteyns

Petition Launched After GCSE Biology Exam Includes Underage Drinking Reference


This Old Letter From George Osborne 'Reveals His Rank Hypocrisy Over Tuition Fees'

Kirsty Wigglesworth/AP