13/08/2014 11:04 BST | Updated 12/10/2014 06:59 BST

Positive Words That Are Actually Very Negative

There are many inspirational thought processes that need to be aborted.The complication with these fragments of motivations is that they are too impractical, generic,inaccurate and actually can be very detrimental.

There are many inspirational thought processes that need to be aborted.The complication with these fragments of motivations is that they are too impractical, generic,inaccurate and actually can be very detrimental.

So before you follow the footsteps of these popular theories and embark on them as words to adhere to, it is cardinal to realize how off-the-wall some of these are.

With Hard work you can achieve anything you want.

It does not take massive precocity to work out why we are steadily advised to keep trying with magnified hard work each time we backslide.People want us to remain optimistic.The intention behind the advice may be sincere.The advice itself is very misguiding.

Many deliberate the profuse achievements hard work can make you attain but then we should note the source of the these success stories- people who are themselves very successful.We never get to have access to the struggles of those who have not reached their goals despite colossal exertions.

The Result? We negligently estimate that success is fairly common.

The reality in fact is that we raised eyebrow

are merely absorbing one-sided pieces of information.

Failure is a law of average.It will catch on and it is important for us to prepare ourselves for that.Yes we all have a right to have elevated aspirations but then we should realize that everyone has limitations to what they can achieve.We all have our strengths and weaknesses.An intelligent person realizes these weaknesses and designs his goals according to the weaknesses that can be overcome.

While hard work can make us overcome many inadequacies but not all and it is pointless to try to use hard work to conquer these.

Good things always happens to good people.

While this paints a very rosy picture of the world, it also clearly fosters a false mindset.

I am not suggesting we should stop being good human beings .What I am saying is we should do it without expecting our gestures to be reciprocated by this universe.

I have seen many people doing good things primarily in the hope of expecting a miracle as a reward.When these miracles do not happen they get discouraged, end up becoming bitter, launch rebellious tirades against good deeds and wind up doing more evil than good.

It is important to realize that life is not always fair and we do not live in a perfect world.While good things happen to many good people, so can bad things. The fact is that we just want to believe that by being good we magically attain the ability to make everything in our life work out according to what we want.This gives us the comfort that we have the power to make the universe help us out in getting whatever we crave for.

This is ineffective channelization of power.We should try to use authority on what we can change about our life-be better human beings. Our fate is something independent of that.It is not something we have control over and we are wasting our time focusing on this unmovable aspects of our life.

Never worry.Just be happy.

What we do not realize is that aiming to be happy all the time may not be that good for us. In fact surprisingly, being sad has its plus points.

Studies have proven that people in a negative mood are actually less likely to make judgment errors and are more attentive to detail.This is because an incessant positive mood makes us delusional and tells us everything is well even if it is not.A negative mood helps us be more alert and cautious.

It is no surprise that we prize personal happiness above anything else.Today we are so keen about being a happy person all the time that we have no tolerance for wallowing in sorrow after a tragedy.

The point being is that life throws different things at us and it is perfectly normal to be sad when things are not going your way.It will do more harm than good to be gripped by the unrealistic pressure of acquiring unobstructed happiness.It just makes us feel guilty whenever we feel the need to be sad.

This actually makes us feel worse than we otherwise would have.

Be yourself.Those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind.

This honestly is the worst advice to be given to anyone and is mostly just used as a way to rationalize improper behavior.I do not understand why being yourself almost always has to be the opposite of appropriate conduct.

I, for one, am a completely different person with my friends, my colleagues and with people back home.Does this incongruency in my approach to the three segments mean I am less genuine? HELL NO!

It just means that I am mature enough to realize that the real world will never twist to entertain who I am. I must bend myself to adapt to the real world.

Relationships are important and it does not hurt to move out of your comfort zone to make accommodations.It is important to realize that people who run their lives under the banner of this quote are the least successful in sustaining consociations and turn out to be the most alone.

Why not try making being an accommodating individual a part of being yourself.Not only will you then be less likely to be left but also maybe just only be right?