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Working Holidays: The Best Places to Go

Travelling isn't cheap and for some people, a gap year purely for leisure is out of the question. But it's not all lost. Many people travel and work at the same time and sometimes this is the better option.


Image courtesy of Frontier's Africa Ethical Adventure Trail

Travelling isn't cheap and for some people, a gap year purely for leisure is out of the question. But it's not all lost. Many people travel and work at the same time and sometimes this is the better option. By taking on work as you travel around a new country you get to experience the culture much more than the average backpacker. Here are the best places to do it!



Image courtesy of Frontier's Australia projects

Australia is perhaps one of the most popular destinations for working holiday makers due to their working holiday schemes. If you are ages between 18 and 31 years old you can get permission to travel and work for up to a year (23 months for UK citizens). However, please note that not all countries are eligible. Find the full list here and information about the visa costs. Some organisation can also offer you help and advice before you apply. Typical jobs include seasonal work such as bar jobs, farms, fruit picking

and hotels.

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New Zealand


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Same goes for New Zealand. Their working holiday visas are designed for young people wishing to work in the country for a year, usually as a part of their Gap Year or sabbatical. Like Australia UK citizens have the right to get a visa lasting for 23 months, so if you are an adventurous Brit, this could be it.

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Canada is a country with stunning nature, a place where you get to see mountains, bears and raw nature. This is the ideal winter destination for people keen on making some money from skiing, or just regular holiday makers wanting to explore its many cities and natural reserves. If your country has a working holiday agreement with Canada (http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/work/iec/index.asp) you could be the lucky winner of a 12 month stay. Not only can you do a variety of sports, you also get exposed to both English and French as well as interesting indigenous communities.

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Become a ski instructor in the French Alps, try life as an au pair, work in an English pub or make drinks in a sunny holiday destination in the South. In Europe you have the exciting choice of various countries, but the ease of getting permission to travel and work in Europe depends on your nationality, just like any other nation. As an EU national you can find a job without any trouble but as an international passport holder a visa is required. You also need to consider the language barrier. Most countries would require a high degree in fluency in the local language before hiring you for a job, so maybe it's time to study? Learning can be fun!

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Teach English in Asia


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Do you have experience as a teacher? Or do you plan to get a TEFL certificate in teaching English as a foreign language and travel the world? Many Asian countries are welcoming English teachers and while some pay others offer free accommodation and food. This could be a great way to see new countries and if you are not short of money you could consider volunteering.

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Hit apply, grab your backpack and be on your way. If you are keen on working and seeing the world this could be your way to do it. Frontier offers help finding paid roles abroad as well as volunteer projects in Canada , Australia, Europe and New Zealand. What are you waiting for?

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Caroline Edwards is an Online Media Intern for Frontier, a non-profit conservation NGO that helps people plan their gap year with over 300 opportunities to volunteer abroad and take part in adventure travel across the globe.