27/04/2009 17:40 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Would You Change Your Baby's Name?

I've always wondered about this--about what would happen if you had picked out a name for your baby, wrote it on the birth certificate, got home and decided it was altogether the wrong name.

I mean, I can totally see how this could happen. In fact, it did with our dog--we named him Zeus, and then rapidly regretted it as he seemed to grow more and more into his name: becoming bossy and aggressive, and quite certainly the 'king of all gods dogs.' In retrospect my husband and I agreed we should have named him something humble and loyal like Scout, or something docile and sweet like Cookie. But he was already three months old when we got him, and within a day or two he was already responding to his name, so we couldn't very well go and change it.

But with a baby--it doesn't even know it has a name for a while. I imagine that newborns are far too mesmerised by the outline of your face to even remotely grasp that their name has been changed. But what would people think?

Do you know anyone who has change his/her baby's name? And moreover, would you?