15/05/2009 10:28 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Family Stress: Causes And Cures

A new nationwide survey has identified these issues as being the top things that stress out mums:

1. Concerns over children
2. Money worries
3. Household chores
4. Extended family
5. Appearance
6. Work problems
7. Marital issues
8. Social life/ Me Time
9. Feeding the family within budget
10. Pets

But if you notice, the top two aren't actual things at all: they're worries or concerns about what might be. If only we could stop worrying, we would automatically become less stressed.

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So as a non-worrier, the way I see the world is this:

There are only two types of event in the world: the things you can have an effect on, and the things you can't.

There is no point in worrying about the things you can't have an effect on, because it won't make any difference to the outcome. All that will happen is that you'll use up precious mental energy on something that you can't change. Energy that you could have applied to the other stuff, the things you can change.

And with the things you can have an effect on, yes you could choose to worry, but a more effective strategy would be to say to yourself, "what can I do to change this situation for the better?" And then act on that.

Taking action is always going to be harder than simply biting your nails and worrying, but the rewards are far greater.

Speaking of rewards, the stress survey was conducted in conjunction with Chicago Town Pizzas, who've launched a competition to find the most stressed out mum in Britain. She'll enjoy a personal chef to cook dinner (wonder what's on the menu. Let me guess. It's not pizza, is it?), an entertainer to look after the kids and a beautician to give her a scrub and brush up. To enter, email this address and tell them your tale of stress and woe.

I note that the prize does not state who does the washing up after the reward team have been to visit. Or who tidies up before they arrive. Now that really would be worth having!