19/05/2009 11:16 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

So, David Miliband, Which Pram Was It Exactly?

Are you as incensed as I am at the MPs expenses scandal that's raging right now? Knowing that I've contributed to some toffy Tory MPs' swimming pool / tennis court / blinking moat is dementing me. I want my money back!

It's not a party political issue for me either - I'm as mad with Labour MPs making profits on second homes and Lib Dems claiming for their Ocado shopping. Ocado! What's wrong with Asda? It's enough to make my amniotic fluid boil.

You'll probably have heard by now that Foreign Secretary David Miliband tried to claim for a pram and "baby essentials". In a rare moment of sanity, whoever signs off MPs expenses decided that the tax payer shouldn't foot the bill. Too right.

Now, far be it from me to suggest we pregnant ladies are more obsessed with baby stuff than politics, corruption and greed right now, but I know what you're thinking: which pram does a Foreign Secretary chose exactly? An armour-plated one?

Well, the rejected expense claim was for a pram costing £199 (the baby essentials came in at £80).

Miliband, MP for South Shields, successfully claimed for tonnes of other household items, including a hand-crafted chair, goose down duvet and chenille throw from Marks & Spencer and a sofa from John Lewis.

If Miliband bought a pram from John Lewis, he'd be struggling to find one for £199. It's a slightly different story for pushchairs and buggies though. For a budget of £199 he could afford two of the pushchairs, the Quinny Zapp pushchair for £146 and the Graco Mirage pushchair for £87. Of the buggies at John Lewis, nine are under £199.

Miliband and his American wife Louise Shackelton have two adopted children. Their first son Isaac was adopted in 2004 while their second son Jacob was adopted as a newborn in October 2007. Both children were adopted in the US.

The Foreign Secretary has an annual salary of £141,866, which I'd have thought would have been enough to cover his baby costs.

Happy to pay for MPs' kiddy costs? Put your name down here, and we'll ask David to get in touch...