26/05/2009 04:55 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Fancy A Slice Of Nappy Cake?

I have been absolutely ravenous since getting pregnant. I've made a spectacle of myself at dinner parties as I've dived in for thirds and dumbfounded my other half by taking to eating four or five meals a day, rather than the usual three. Even my mum is encouraging me to stop guzzling. So you can imagine how excited I was to be sent a press release about cake!

What a great idea, I thought, the gift of cake for mums-to-be. Only a genius or another pregnant woman could come up with something so sublime as a big box of delicious cake delivered to your door.

And then I read the press release a little more closely. It's a Nappy Cake. Yes, a nappy cake!

All is not lost, I thought. Nappy Cake could be a big vanilla sponge cake, in the shape of a nappy (that means a big cake, yay), maybe with chocolate inside (yuk, did I really write that?). Yes, Nappy Cake could still be edible!
But no, readers. Nappy Cake is a cake made out of nappies. I know we're supposed to have bizarre pregnancy cravings, but nappies is taking things a little too far. I've tried them and they're way too chewy.

The three-tiered cake is actually a very sweet idea. It's made of 24 nappies (I'm pleased to report that these are eco nappy brand Nature Baby), Johnson's Baby Powder and Softwash, one blanket, one sleepsuit, one bib, one muslin cloth, two pairs of scratch mittens and one "cute little toy".

I haven't quite got my head around the concept of Baby Showers yet, but a nappy cake would indeed make a pretty good gift at one, and at £40 they won't break the bank. They come in a range of colours including pink, blue, neutral and "something a little bit different". Leopard print perhaps?