13/06/2009 18:25 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Tom, Paris, SJP And J.Lo All Love The Flatout Bear

Look at these cuties! They're called Flatout Bears, they've travelled all the way from the USA (a bit further than Paddington), and celebrities love them.

Rumour has it that even Tom Cruise owns one. Well, they do look like something he might have run over with that motorbike he rode in Top Gun.

Paris Hilton has also been photographed buying a Flatout Bear, which is kind of fitting, since it will be the skinniest cuddly bear she could find. I mean, what would it do to the Paris Hilton brand for her to be snapped with a bear carrying more than a few ounces of fat around its belly? For a start, we'd probably be contending with a few "Paris Hilton bear pregnant" headlines right about now.

I'm amazed but I have also gone a bit ga-ga over Flatout Bears; it's stunning what a celebrity endorsement can do. Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Garner and J.Lo are also fans, allegedly. .Flatout Bears are made from 100% sheepskin, have Baby Safe eyes and nose, and measure only 5cm depth. I think the idea is that they make excellent baby comforters, with a bit more style than a scrappy piece of blanket.

For sale in "all the trendiest US boutiques", Flatout Bears are now available in the UK, appropriately, given their starry status, from, the baby store owned by former Chelsea and Leeds footballer Michael Duberry and his wife Natasha. Price is £34.99, and the bear comes in Starbucks-inspired Chocolate, Latte and Milk colours.