16/06/2009 05:04 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Cheryl Cole Wants A Baby Soon...

Girls Aloud star Cheryl Cole has apparently been hinting to her mates that she and footballer husband Ashley are going to start trying for a baby.

According to The Mirror, Cheryl, 25, who is also an X Factor judge, has told friends she wants to try to get pregnant after the next series ends in December.

But she might find it tricky to get pregnant unless she starts eating a bit more.

The Mirror says she's looking like a "lollipop head" again and is back down to a tiny size 6.

It's always a mystery to me how these teeny celebrities manage to conceive at all.

Then when they do get pregnant, they miraculously seem to put on no weight at all apart from the bump. How does that work?

And of course they're back to "normal" – ie, size 6, with a washboard stomach – within a few weeks of giving birth to their child.

Although perhaps Cheryl's mum has got the right idea. According to the Mirror, mum Joan has stepped in to fatten her up.

She's apparently told Cheryl she mustn't lose any more weight and has devised a diet plan for her that involves "good hearty English meals, like roast dinners". That should do the trick.

According to the Mirror's source, Cheryl has also been planning her workload around trying for a baby.

She has told her record company that she needs to be based in the UK after the X Factor finishes so that she and Chelsea and England star Ashley can get down to business and start working on a sprog.

She's planning to start work on a solo record as well as a new Girls Aloud record and fall pregnant at the same time.

With Coleen Rooney expecting her first baby with Man Utd and England footballer Wayne, it looks like there's a new generation of dribblers heading our way. Boom boom.

Source [The Mirror]