07/07/2009 09:09 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Mel C Finds It Hard To Leave Her Baby

Former Spice Girl Mel C went to see Bruce Springsteen in Hyde Park last weekend, leaving her four-month-old daughter Scarlet at home with family.

But she didn't last long - according to the Daily Star, she left part-way through the gig at Hard Rock Calling, because she was missing her baby so much.

The former Sporty Spice told the Daily Mirror: "I'm taking time off - it's been four months and this is my first night out!"

But she then told the Star she couldn't settle down and have fun at the gig. "I can't really enjoy myself as I can't stop worrying and thinking about Scarlet," said the singer.

She then left, missing most of the Boss's three-hour long set.

I'm not surprised she couldn't last through a whole Springsteen set. It's not easy leaving your baby, even for Brucey.

My daughter is over five months now and I still haven't had a night out.

That's not just because I find it emotionally difficult to leave her, though. It's because it's pretty much impossible.

She's a terrible sleeper, refuses to take a bottle and I'm rubbish at expressing milk anyway. Which means I can't leave her for more than a couple of hours at a time.

Somehow we've failed to get her into a "routine" so we can't even book a table in a restaurant for a certain time and know that we can go out for two hours.

I understand this is rare. All my friends with babies have been out for the day, for an evening or both. Some have even been away for the night.

I can't even imagine that right now. We're joined at the hip. Which is great most of the time but just occasionally it would be nice to go out and pretend to be an individual.

So what are your tips for taking a break from your baby? Did you struggle to leave your child?

Source: The Daily Star

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