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The Beckhams Want A Little Girl - But Does It Matter What Sex Your Children Are?

David and Victoria Beckham would like to have another baby, according to the tabloids.

It's been widely reported that they are "desperate" to have a little sister for their boys Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz.

So how is that poor child going to feel if he turns out to be another little boy?

Therapists' couches are full of people who are convinced that the root of their problems is that their parents wanted them to be the opposite sex.

I'm lucky – my parents already had two boys and were delighted when they had me.

But that can create other problems too. I don't think a football-playing, sports-mad, tree-climbing, holey-jeans-wearing tomboy was quite what they had in mind. They couldn't get me to wear a dress however much they tried.

That's the thing about children. They can always confound your expectations.

I know one woman who has two brothers. She's an aircraft engineer. One of her brothers is a hairdresser while the other is a dancer. Bet her parents weren't expecting that.

The danger is that even if the Beckhams do get their little girl, they will want to dress her from head to toe in frilly pink while she may prefer pretending to be Robin Hood.

On the other hand, something really unexpected could happen. I heard a story about parents who had two boys and tried for a girl. They had triplets. Yup – all boys.

I don't really understand the "disappointment" that some parents seem to feel, though.

There were two women sitting in my labour ward when I had my daughter, both complaining because they had wanted boys. My jaw dropped. I was just so thankful that my little girl was all in one piece, I couldn't believe anyone could even care about that.

What do you think? Were you a boy when your parents wanted a girl, or the other way around? Do you care what sex your next child is? Are you desperate for a boy or a girl?

Source: The People

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