10/07/2009 05:14 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

The Totally Honest Guide To Baby Names: World's Most Beautiful People

Unless you've hooked up with Brad Pitt, Daniel Craig, Hugh Jackman or Will Smith, you won't be able to guarantee that your sproglet will be a looker. However, with the help of the Totally Honest Guide to Baby Names, you can almost make up for it by picking a looker's name.

As with every instalment of this guide, I am nothing if not totally serious about my suggestions. Today's selection is culled from the winners of various beauty contests, magazine lists and talent shows, all specifically focused on visual aesthetics, with not a single moment's thought for depth of personality or moral fibre.

These are the names that the world's most beautiful people have. Funnily enough, it seems oddly weighted towards girl's names.

You never know, pick one of these for your baby and the rest of the world may miraculously overlook its Shrek features and see only gorgeousness.

Click continue to read them all. Warning: one of them is CariDee.

America's Next Top Model winners
Season 1 – Adrianne
Season 2 – Yoanna
Season 3 – Eva
Season 4 – Naima
Season 5 – Nicole
Season 6 – Danielle
Season 7 – CariDee
Season 8 – Jaslene
Season 9 – Saleisha
Season 10 – Whitney
Season 11 – McKey

Britain's Next Top Model winners
2008 – Alex
2007 – Lauren
2006 – Lianna
2005 – Lucy

Miss World
2008 – Ksenya
2007 – Zhang

Miss World Beach Beauty (I know!)
2008 – Anagabriela
2007 – Ada

Mr World
2007 – Juan

Mr Universe

Miss England
2008 – Laura

The supermodels

FHM World's Top 10 Sexiest Women 2008
1. Megan
2 & 3. Jessica
4. Elisha
5. Scarlett
6. Emmanuelle
7. Hilary
8. Tricia
9. Blake
10. Kate

Vanity Fair's Most Beautiful Woman 2009

People magazine's 100 Most Beautiful People, 2009
1. Christina
2. Halle
3. Jessica
4. Ciara
5. Zac
6. Christina
7. Freida
8. Channing
9. Julianne
10. Robert

World's highest paid male model
David (Dolce and Gabanna underwear model David Gandy if you want to Google him. He's not all that.)

Miss Blackpool 2008