13/07/2009 17:29 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Keeping Kids Safe In The Sun

With the hot summer sun making an appearance, it's really important to make sure your child is properly protected against it's harmful rays.

Unfortunately, getting the balance between making sure your children are protected in the sun and letting them have fun can be difficult, particularly on the beach when the kids tend to be in and out of the sea all day.
Luckily the suncream market now has a variety of kids sun creams created to be applied quickly and give a high level of protection.

The Banana Boat Powder Dri SPF30 is a suncream that goes on like a cream but dries like a powder. This is ideal for kids that hate the feeling of sticky skin after having the lotion applied.

Banana Boat have also created Banana Boat Ultramist SPF50, a sun protection lotion that sprays a fine mist across the body, apparently giving maximum coverage with minimal time spent rubbing it in.

It also means that thanks to its spray application, you don't have that irritating moment where half the beach ends up back in the bottle.

Don't forget that sun cream needs to be applied regularly, ideally every hour.