15/07/2009 18:46 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Baby Freebies From Pampers, Tesco And Hipp

By Sarah Coles

The huge cost of bringing up kids is a hobby horse of mine, so I won't go there again. Instead I've found a way to help, with a selection of baby-related freebies...

The most well-known of these is the Bounty pack. These offer a variety of freebies depending on who is sponsoring the pack at the time, but will include things like vouchers for nappies, washing powder and nappy rash cream. You should get a voucher from your midwife when you go for your booking-in visit, but there's nothing stopping you from signing up for another here.

Given the amount you will spend on nappies (assuming you use disposables) it's worth tracking down the freebies. Sign up to Pampers Village and they'll send you regular vouchers until your child hits the age of two.

There's also a useful site called The deal is that you sign up for a trial with one of their partner firms, like Lovefilm, and you get a free pack of nappies. Many are free trials, but be careful you don't sign up to anything requiring a longer commitment or a payment.Then there baby milk companies. They aren't actually allowed to give you a deal on the milk itself for children under 6 months, but you can sign up to the Aptamil baby club and get a free cuddly polar bear.

When you get to the solids stage, it's worth joining the Hipp Baby Club. Whether you swear by jars of baby food, or think they are the devil's work, these are at least organic. Joining the club will give you access to samples and vouchers, and even if you're not keen on the food there's a free bib and a deal which will let you get 40 of your baby photos printed for free.

Likewise the Cow and Gate Mum and Baby Club will send you vouchers, along with lots of advice and a pregnancy diary.

Finally, do join the Tesco Baby and Toddler Club. It will send you loads of great vouchers, and a really readable magazine for your child's milestone ages.

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