16/07/2009 07:23 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Toddler Survives River Ride In Toy Truck

Take your eyes off a young child for a few seconds and they can get into all sorts of scrapes – but perhaps none as adventurous as three-year-old Demetrius Jones.

The tot went missing on Sunday morning from his family's campsite in Peace Island Park, Canada, after he drove his toy truck into the river. Wearing nothing but a nappy and a tee-shirt, he floated nearly eight miles downstream.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police and other campers searched for two hours before he was spotted. Boater Don Loewen found the boy after noticing something strange on the river bank."We just kept going down the river watching all the log jams and keeping our eyes out for any sign of the car or the boy," Loewen told CTV British Columbia.

"We spotted something sitting on the east banks that looked like some rocks or an eagle or something."

The rocks turned out to be the toy truck's tyres and what they thought was an eagle was actually the boy's blonde head.

But opinion on whether his grandparents are to blame for not supervising him more closely has divided commenters on CTV's website.

Whether they should have been looking after him more carefully is a matter of opinion, but one thing is certain: Demetrius is a very lucky boy.

He seems to have come to no harm and, according to Canadian TV, was "back on his toy truck by the end of the day".

Do you think the grandparents were negligent? Or is it more of a case of boys will be boys?

Source: (Parentdish US)