23/07/2009 11:25 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

How Facebook Saved My Boy's Bedtime

Here's a tip.
Don't lock yourself and toddler out of the house half an hour before toddler's bedtime.

Don't leave your phone in the house at the time. Particularly if you haven't memorised the number of the only other person with a key and they're not due home for 5 hours.

I had keys when I left the house, by the time I reached nursery they'd disappeared. You'll know how grumpy toddlers can be at bedtime and how a half an hour delay turns your child into something from the dark side.

Added to that, there was the prospect of pottering round town wondering what we'd do for five hours until husband arrived home.

Until inspiration hit. A modern day communications adventure. So if you find yourself locked out at bedtime here's what I suggest.Visit nearby friend with their own toddler. Entertainment, babysitting, appropriate food arrangements, good levels of tea, sympathy and clean nappies taken care of. Friend looks after toddlerboy and hands over phone and laptop. The challenge is on.

1. Look up phone number of father-in-law to get husband's number. Father-in-law is ex-directory. Fail.
2. Call mum's home and mobile numbers to ask for husband's number. Straight to voicemail. Fail.
3. Remember computer at home has remote network and is on. Access home pc from friend's laptop. Progress.
4. Open Skype and Outlook and get excited about availability of all contacts. Husband not in any contact lists.
5. Skype brother to ask for husband's number. He doesn't have it, but is an internet geek and manages (worryingly) to find father-in-law's ex-directory phone number.
6. Call father-in-law who gives numbers for husband and brother-in-law who he is with. Both out of date.
7. Moment of genius. FACEBOOK. Look up friends list for any of husband's friends showing their phone number. None.
8. Clutching at straws start trawling through Facebook messages and posts for any glimmer of hope. Bingo! Find message from wife of husband's friend with her mobile number. Call her, she calls her husband, he calls me with husband's number.
9. Husband cuts PlayStation night short to dash home and rescue us like a knight in shining armour.

Bedtime only one hour late and toddlerboy didn't notice a thing. So if you find yourself locked out, that's what I suggest.

Or just memorise your husband's phone number.