28/07/2009 15:44 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Do You Let Your Children Go Nude?

Little kids love to run around in the nude don't they? Who hasn't experienced a toddler flinging off their nappy and trotting about, fresh as the day they were born? How many children like to leap from the bath and do a victory lap around the house?

I love the way that small children have no sense of the kind of hang ups about our bodies that adults have. We could all learn a lesson from them about being comfortable in our own skin.

However, they also have no sense of what is and isn't appropriate. So your serial mini-nudist may be just as likely to strip off in the street as in their own home. And now that it's the summer, occasional hot days seem to encourage them more than ever.

So this is where we the adults have to step in. Where do you draw the line at your children going nude? Does there need to be a line at all?

Some parents find that, whilst they may be comfortable with their own kid in the nip, older generations find it harder to cope with.

Dr Aly Mandel, a psychologist and mother of five, recently told The New York Times, that whilst she had no problem with her six year old going nude "My mother, it used to drive her crazy how naked Ava was..My mother-in-law also, they both felt it crossed the line of what was appropriate. My mother-in-law would come in and automatically say, 'Ava, put on your clothes. Put on your underwear.'

A poll taken at LilSugar last year found that readers overwhelmingly thought they'd never make rules about nudity in their house, though they did draw the line at outside the home, and no bare bums on the sofa, please.

But are we too anxious about nudity, too quick to assume that there's a pervert around every corner? At The Mommy Files, Amy Graff asks, "Whatever happened to naked summers?".

Once puberty sets in, children do tend to be keener to cover up. But until then, is it a parent's job to teach modesty or to let them enjoy those few short years of childhood innocence? What do you say if an older person is obviously uncomfortable with your child's nudity? Should you respect that they are entitled to a different point of view, or just ignore it?

Source [ParentDish US]