28/07/2009 04:45 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Summer Holiday Reads For Children

It's lovely to stock up on a few books to enjoy when you're off on holiday, but remember to include your children in the fun too.

If your child has made good progress with their reading in school this year, the holidays can be a good time to choose books that they enjoy, rather than sticking to the adventures of Kipper, Biff and the Magic Key. Though if your child's a reluctant reader, there are still ways to enthrall them with the written word.

Don't forget that UK libraries are running their regular Summer Reading Challenge - this year it's called Quest Seekers Find out more from your local library.

Here are some suggestions for new books and classics that your children might enjoy this summer:

  • For confident readers
    Check out our recommendations of books to stretch able readers at this link.
  • For younger children and babies
    Dot and Dash are the stars of a new series of books by Emma Dodd, looking at situations common to children, such as finding a friend, eating your dinner and learning to share. Dot and Dash at the Beach is a good title if you're off on a seaside holiday.
  • For history boys
    Check out our recommendations here of books and daytrips for history enthusiasts. War Stories for Boys has gone down well in our house, along side the rest of the Horrible History ranges.
  • Holiday themed
    Red House Books has an excellent selection of summer reading for all ages available here, as always from this site very reasonably priced.
  • For older readers
    If your child is nudging into proper novel-reading capability, they might enjoy The Pickle King by Rebecca Promitzer, which offers humour, horror, a bouncy dog, a missing eyeball and a small town called Elbow. Something for everyone there.

What books are your children enjoying this summer? What do they recommend?