31/07/2009 13:12 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Five-Year-Olds Busted By Cops For Selling Lemonade

It's a good old-fashioned American tradition - kids selling lemonade to their neighbours.

But a US cop decided to launch a one-man crackdown on the youngsters in the town of Haverford, Philadelphia.

Remember now, they were selling lemonade. Not beer. Not crack. Lemonade.

The cop busted a stand run by seven kids, including five-year-old triplets, and said they didn't have a business permit.

Parents were outraged and police bosses had to step in quickly to stem the outcry.

The name of the officer has been kept under wraps. Presumably this is to prevent him being openly mocked on the streets for making a bunch of five-year-olds cry.

Deputy Chief of Police John F. Viola told the Philadelphia Inquirer the kids didn't need a licence after all.

The township bylaw against selling without a permit, which the officer had invoked, doesn't apply to anyone younger than 16.

Viola said: "We all sold lemonade as kids. We're all, like, who calls [the cops] on kids?"

Well, actually, neighbour William Nickerson ratted out the youngsters. "I am not being Scrooge," he told the Inquirer.

He said he was concerned about the kids selling their wares door-to-door, seemingly without adult supervision.

If that's the worst thing Mr Nickerson has to worry about, he's a very lucky man.

The mother of the triplets, Dana Kleinschmidt, told the paper it never occurred to her that they were doing anything wrong. She said the incident reduced her triplets to tears.

Local police offficer Sgt Joe Hagan was dispatched to console all seven children and told them they could stay in business.

But he admitted he wouldn't let his children have a lemonade stand.

What do you think? Is there anything wrong with kids selling fizzy pop to their neighbours?

Source: ParentDish US