31/07/2009 10:46 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

What Is The ParentDish Team's Parenting Personality?

In blogging terms, being tagged by a meme is similar to playing Tag in the playground. Eventually someone catches you and shouts "Tag, you're it", and you're in the spotlight until you pass it on to someone

Sally at Who's The Mummy has tagged ParentDish with a meme about personality traits. But this gives us a slight conundrum, because this is a blog written by several people, and we all have our own distinct take on life and the parenting game.

So here's the answer, from the ParentDish writers:

The game is: Describe your seven personality traits. Since there are seven of us, here's one trait each of our parenting personalities:

Gia says she's supportive: I'm not the kind of parent who feels the need to impose my will or my choices on my children. I want to teach them about the world the best I can, give them all the information they need, offer suggestions and encouragement and then let them make their own choices. My role is to prepare them for adulthood and part of that is being able to make the 'right' choices. My kids may end up making choices I don't agree with, they may make mistakes, big ones... but I don't think it's my job to do anything other than be supportive. So that is what I do.

Sally is curious: I'm as curious about how being a mum works, as I want my boy to be about the world. As much as possible I try and encourage him to explore and find things out for himself without too much intervention other than to help him try new things and move things forward. My biggest concern is how to get the balance right between openness and exploration, and creating safe boundaries. I'd like to learn how to be a bit firmer and when it's needed, and how to bring in discipline effectively, without quashing his inquisitiveness.

Sarah says she is: The shocked and awed parent. See my weekly column Up The Duff Without A Paddle for proof!

says: My parenting personality will probably be like my mother's – lots of "stop making a fusses" and "you'll sit there till you've done it" type behaviour that will only result in a host of children with even stronger wills and lots of power struggles. That seems to be what happened with our family anyway! Luckily, I've got a calm and reasonable other half who will temper that with lots of softy behaviour. In short: I'll be the strict dad; he'll be the loving mother.

Debbie admits that: Chaotic and slapdash with a pinch of benign neglect mixed with a good helping of worry could describe my parenting. I don't stew about combed hair or matching socks, nor do I exert myself to make sure they're entertained but I do encourage creativity, a spot of independence, individuality, a good reading habit and imagination and the ability, by the age of nine, to make the perfect cup of tea.

Joanne (that's me!) says: I will admit it, I am Mummy Potato Head. I have a different facial expression I can produce for every situation. So my approach to parenting is all about being flexible, within certain boundaries (the non-negotiable stuff like being kind and polite, brushing your teeth etc). Plus I do look a bit like a potato if you catch me at certain angles. That's what 10 years of parenting does to you.

And daddio Stuart says he's adopting the Homer Simpson style: I would say I go for the idiot approach. So I'm a flapping panicked idiot in the newborn days, but for my toddler I'm the most entertaining idiot in the world, playing the fool.

And now it is our turn to pass the baton to someone else. I thought it would be fitting to pass it on to a few blogs that are also collective efforts. So Expat Mums Blog, Mum's The Boss and Have a Lovely Time: Seven of your finest personality traits please. In other words: Tag, You're it.