03/08/2009 09:50 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Latest Baby News: Kelis Gives Birth To Baby Boy And J-Lo Wants Bump Break

Breastfeeding's back in the news again, with scientist Michael Kramer telling the World Health Organisation that boobs don't necessarily mean better. Well now, Cow & Gate have been ticked off by the the advertising watchdog for claiming that their follow on milk supports a child's immune system.

Meanwhile, Kelis has given birth to a baby boy, called Knight. Knight has yet to meet his daddy, singer Nas, since he and Kelis are currently embroiled in a bitter divorce.

And Jennifer Lopez says what I think any pregnant woman would agree with when she says pregnancy would be just fine if the bump were removable. "A bunch of us who have babies, we're like, 'It would be great when you are pregnant. You could take it off five times during the pregnancy, only for a half hour. Then you have to put it back on.' That would be awesome. It would be perfect," says Lopez, before quite rightly continuing, "but you can't."