05/08/2009 03:46 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

CBeebies Waybuloo: Yoga-Ing Vicariously Through My Child

Some parents may not be natural sporting types. I'd be the first to count myself among them.

I race round after a toddler for more hours than I care to count, congratulating myself on the miles I cover and the healthy glow I build up via a 20 minute walk to nursery, and back, twice a day.

So I'm not inclined to go mad with actual voluntary excercise on top of all that. Except for yoga. I've always loved it. Whilst pregnant I bought a DVD of yoga for pregancy to help me see my own toes for as long as could be made possible.

Now thanks to CBeebies and their adorable new show Waybuloo, my toddler is a yoga fan too. The programme features four animated characters with a distinctly cultish Japanese feel called Piplings, who come complete with their own secret language and zen-like garden.

Twice throughout the show their sundial contraption tinkles with sunbeams and chimes as the characters call out YOGO, and the dial stops at a drawing of an animal. The Piplings, my boy and I all strike and hold a pose until the dial turns again to a new animal, then off we go again.

It doesn't matter how accurate toddlerboy's pose is. What is most rewarding is finding a form of exercise I can manage on top of holding down a job, a house, and being a parent; but more importantly the chance to enjoy it with my child.

If you'd like to try yoga with your child there are some starting points on the Waybuloo site, as well as a range of classes across the country. Yogabugs and Yoga Bananas are networks with details of workshops, classes, reading and other resources. Also try your local gyms, community centres, arts centres, and Sure Start centres. Yes, Sure Start centres. So not just for hippies then.

It reminded me of a friend who shares her sporting love of hang gliding with her children! I wonder what other odd sporting loves we share with our children. Do you have any?