21/08/2009 18:02 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

New Cot Mattress Invention Could Help Your Baby Sleep

A new cot mattress could prevent sleepless nights for parents, it is being claimed.

The invention apparently simulates the sensation of thewomb, with inflatable pads which fill up with air and deflate, producing a rocking motion.

A cuddly toy sheep plays the sound of a mother's heartbeat, or alternatively other noises including a vacuum cleaner and harp music.

It is claimed it reduced the time it took to settle babies by up to 90% in trials.

Many parents suffering from sleepless nights will try ANYTHING to get their baby to sleep so it's likely to be popular.

But is this taking mollycoddling too far? What are you supposed to do when your kid grows out of the cot and won't sleep unless he's being jiggled around and sung to by a sheep?

The mattress, called "Easidream", has been developed by Lynda Harding, a mother-of-six who had trouble getting her youngest child to sleep when he was a baby.

She told the Daily Mail: "Sleep deprivation is draining. This product would have been a godsend for me so I'd like to see it help other parents.

"The fact that the product is actually going on the market is a dream come true."

Researchers from the University of Brighton tested the mattress on 14 babies, whose parents kept sleep diaries.

Jane Hale, 32, a nursery nurse from Portsmouth, signed up for the trial with her six-month-old daughter Isabelle.

She said: "We used it for two weeks and Isabelle absolutely loved it. She was asleep within two minutes. I couldn't believe my eyes. This changed our lives."

The mattress will be launched at the Baby Show in London in the autumn.

I'm tempted to try it for my baby, who still wakes up several times a night aged seven months. I'll bet a full eight hours sleep that it wouldn't work for her.

But if the manufacturers want to send me a free sample, I'd be more than happy to test it for them...

Source: Daily Mail