21/08/2009 10:17 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

The Rooneys Have A Baby Scan Party, Celine Dion Used A Frozen Embryo And Jude Law Is In Trouble Again

Wayne and Coleen Rooney threw a party for their baby scan, it has been reported.

The couple hired a 4D ultrasound scanning machine for the bash at their Cheshire mansion so friends and family could witness the event.

The baby is due to be born at the end of September - but has already enjoyed its first social event.

A source told the Daily Mail: "Coleen and Wayne couldn't wait to show off baby Roo. The 4D scanning machines give a really clear picture.

"You can see all the baby's features and movements. You would even have been able to see if it's yawning or sticking its tongue out."

Apparently the Rooneys want to keep the sex of the baby as a surprise. Let's hope they weren't looking too carefully then.

Coleen has also denied claims she was "too posh to push" and was arranging a Caesarean section.

"There have been a lot of reports in the papers that I'm going to have a Caesarean," she wrote in her OK! magazine column.

"However, I'm planning on a natural birth if it all goes well, so therefore the baby will arrive when it's ready."

Meanwhile, it has emerged that Celine Dion used an embryo that was frozen eight years ago to get pregnant.

She used a fertilised egg harvested back when she conceived her first child in 2001. Isn't science amazing? Does that mean both her children will actually be the same age?

Her doctor, Zev Rosenwaks, said the singer is doing very well.

He said: "She is feeling well. So far, so good. I look forward to hearing the foetal heartbeat. Rene and Celine are both looking forward to a pregnancy that is a healthy one. There is no question she is ecstatic."

On the other hand, things are getting worse for Jude Law, who seems to be defining the term "love rat" more and more each day.

A friend of Samantha Burke - who is pregnant with Jude's baby following a fling last year - said the pair hadn't been in touch since he left New York.

The friend told E! Online: "She met him at a club in New York. He was sick, so she kept going to his hotel over the course of a week to take care of him.

"But Jude didn't even remember her. She hasn't seen him since New York. They've only been in contact through their lawyers."

Bet he'll remember her now...

Source: The Daily Mail

Source: AOL News

Source: AOL News